Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bar Graphs & Autolux

I fell off my chair last night, and it was not because I was drunk (or was I?) but it was the result of this silly little graph that I check every day because I am obsessive compulsive. I teeter with the business side of the magazine here and there, okay more here than there, and as I'm gearing up to bombard NYC to get advertisements, I naturally check the webstats of the magazine's website. I figured yesterday would be a little bit higher than usual due to my annoying posts on myspace and various other stalker communities. I clicked and clicked to see this month's stats and that's when I fell.

Bar graphs are a little dorky, yes. But let me preface this by saying a year ago, the website was pitiful, the only people who visited were my parents (even they said it could use some color), and I spelled the name of the magazine wrong. So with the new website a couple months ago, I wanted the world to visit. And apparently, in one day, the population of my hometown in Jersey logged on. Okay maybe not even, but it had some value hidden in there somewhere.

Did you fall off your chair? No? Well, after I picked myself up and regained composure, I questioned the validity of this wonderful graph. Warren Nellis, an British graphic novelist who also designs computer games and animated films caused the little-website-that-could to generate the most traffic in its short history. I naturally sent him a nice thank you for the post and for calling the latest issue "impressive." I wanted to let the world know that this guy is my new best friend. Not to mention that he also was named one of the 100 most creative people in entertainment by my bible, Entertainment Weekly. Can't get much cooler than that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Enough of bar graphs and my own childish excitement, on to what I had promised. The band for today is Autolux. Unfortunately, I found out about this band 30 minutes too late. When I went to go see the Secret Machines a couple weeks ago, I walked in to find DL and Jared of A Brief Smile praising the opening band that I had just missed. I believe they even used the word "godly." So in an iTunes binge yesterday I purchased their debut, Future Perfect. I can't say exactly whether I would consider its divinity just yet, but it is a great album. LA's latest buzz band just ended a tour with Ambulance Ltd and will be back in New York in June with The Raveonettes. The trio has that electronic pop thing going on that is also vocally impressive. Usually you get one or the other, but I like this. It's got unintentional production nuances, emotionally groovy tunes, and tin drums. What more could you ask for? I guess to not be late and miss them next time.


Autolux - Here Comes Everybody (right click, save as)


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