Wednesday, March 2, 2005

The Specialist

So to continue with the Interpol recap, I give you good friend and staff writer, Georgia:

georgia(1:58:18 PM): so i figured something out
rachael(1:58:19 PM): ok
georgia(1:58:33 PM): remember how they played that song "the specialist" last night
rachael(1:58:37 PM): yes
georgia(1:58:56 PM): and i was like freaking out
georgia(1:59:02 PM): because it sparked a neruon
georgia(1:59:06 PM): in my brain
rachael(1:59:08 PM): lol yes
georgia(1:59:09 PM): a memory neuron that is
rachael(1:59:13 PM): of course
georgia(1:59:15 PM): well i figured out what it was
rachael(1:59:24 PM): what was it?
georgia(1:59:35 PM): i bought an interpol t shirt when i went to see them the first time
georgia(1:59:41 PM): and the t shirt said specialist on it
georgia(1:59:45 PM): that is it.
georgia(2:00:01 PM): see how amazing the brain is
rachael(2:00:07 PM): is it a song tho? it didnt sound familiar
georgia(2:00:51 PM): its not on their albums
rachael(2:00:57 PM): yea i didn't think so
rachael(2:03:42 PM): very interesting
georgia(2:03:48 PM): what?
rachael(2:03:55 PM): your memory
georgia(2:04:04 PM): haha... yes
georgia(2:04:10 PM): its very very very selective
georgia(2:04:15 PM): i found out my short term memory died
rachael(2:04:21 PM): thats too bad, did you have a funeral?
georgia(2:04:34 PM): well if i did recently i wouldnt remember
rachael(2:04:40 PM): thats true

I think that about covers it.


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