Tuesday, March 1, 2005

You want proof? I got it.

Didn't believe me when I told you that El Jezel was the best dressed band in NYC? You doubted my fashion sense? How dare you! Here's proof, thanks to Bryan from Man In Gray. (You can hear Man In Gray's new song, "ThirtySix" from their split 7" here)

Note the tilted glasses. How hipster. And according to Dan, he has many more endangered animal t-shirts. Oh baby.

Speaking of looks, I was delighted yesterday after schlepping through the snow to find a beautiful package left in my mailbox from the wonderful band, snowden. How ironic, walked through the snow to find snowden. Hah! I got a chuckle. Anyways the package, as seen below was hand painted. I vote that the best press kit yet.

Download the FREE EP at their website. Okay, lazy. I'll post the songs from the "band you didn't know you love." I expect banana bread in return. Or warm oatmeal cookies. Mmm.

Right click and save as, or Mac users, hold down control and click.
From The Snowden EP v2.0
1. Victim Card
2.Good News
3.Chin Up
4.Kill The Power
5.Come Around
6.Anybody Else

The boys will be playing THREE (yes three!) shows next week in the city.
Tuesday - Acoustic Show at Sidewalk Cafe
Wednesday - Pianos
FRIDAY - Crash Mansion (I got that wrong the first time. Thanks Nora & Happy Birthday! As much as I would love to be there, I will hopefully be on a plane on my way to Florence by that time. Still no passport though. Grr)

But I will be at Pianos. So will all of you. See you there. Bring the goods.


jeddeth said...

hey! I love your site, your magazine, and your taste in music. I just thought I should point out that it isn't the bestidea ever to have your address on your website. The Snowden envelope is a beautiful piece of work, but the addy is unnecessary...

I hope I will meet you at te bowery show!

Rachael said...

I had considered that as well. But it's where I get all the press kits/CDs, and its already up on the magazine's website, so I figured what the hell -- less photoshop work for me. Plus, if anyone wants to climb up the 5 flights of stairs up to my place, I'd give them props.

Thanks for the kind words, see you at bowery.

Rachael said...

ok you made me nervous...i changed it. but for the record, i'd still be impressed with anyone who came up all those stairs just to see me.

n. said...

the snowden show at crash mansion is actually on friday :)

just wanted to let you know. and it's my birthday party and the other bands are great. come!

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