Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Parlez-vous francais?

Funny, last night I was complaining to my roommate about the fact that I will be taking French Monday-Friday for the next year of my life to fulfill the language requirement I left until my final year. And now this...

Crazy! Thanks to the French music magazine and blog, Green for the link. Some of the site I could actually understand, that should be language requirement enough.

Two bands for today coming up later...


//jonathan said...

hi rachael,
thanks for the mention, and for the nice comments on the site [the name, btw, is 'green' - "├ęcoutez vos oreilles" [listen to your ears] is our slogan].

it's great to see people doing positive [and fun] things, so it's a joy to blog 'underrated'.

all the best with your learning/practising french -- of course, if you want to send over reports from NY in order to practise your french, don't hesitate.


[and my english is pretty normal because i'm a british expat living just near paris and writing 'green' in my spare time... my french however... that's another story <insert winking smiley here>]

Rachael said...

Thanks Jonathan. And sorry bout the changing it. Great slogan though (that may have been the only part of the site I could understand ha).

I may take you up on sending over my french.

Good luck with everything. Thanks again!

//jonathan said...

you're welcome.
thanks, and best of everything for the future.

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