Tuesday, December 19, 2006

100 Years | Mason Proper

I've been meaning to post about Mason Proper, but am still waiting for a copy of their album. Humph. Meanwhile, I've been rocking to the free songs on their website over and over again, and am quite confident in saying that this band will blow up in the new year. You heard it here first. (Or maybe, second or third. I never know)

But why, you ask? Oh well let's just think about it. They basically have everything going for them. Classic indie pop with a dark sensibility, pulling from (dare I say it?) the likes of Sonic Youth or The Pixies. Grand claims, I know. But I hear it. And I like where this is heading.

But please don't write them off as just another regurgitation of music past. This Michigan band teeters on experimental just to the point that I can handle it. To those you know, I don't really "get" a lot of those crazed experimental indie bands. Mason Proper goes a bit out of the comfort zone, while still keeping it listener friendly. Good job.

The band's debut There Is A Moth In Your Chest will be out on Dovecote Records in the new year. Check out the band on myspace and visit their visually painful music section of their website for a bunch of mp3s.

Here's an old version and a new tune to get you started. In case you care, "100 Years" is my favorite.

  • Mason Proper - 100 Years
  • Mason Proper - My My (Bad Fruit)

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