Friday, December 22, 2006

Just Like Christmas | Aberdeen City

Well friends, I am off for very needed vacation where I plan to read two books and drink gin & tonics all day. Oh yes, and there's always shuffleboard. Let's not forget shuffleboard.

I hope you all have a very very happy holiday, and I will be back in a week completely refreshed. While I'm gone...

  • Don't forget to tune into BreakThru Radio on Tuesday, December 26 for a special live performance from New York's own A Brief Smile. You can find pictures from the recording session on my flickr.

  • Don't forget to tune into next week's "Blog Show" either. We were pleased to have Dany from Exitfare join us for the show.

  • Looking for music? Check out my Top 25 Albums of 2006, Top 5 EPs of 2006, or Top 25 Songs of 2006. That should keep you busy.

    Happy holidays!

  • Aberdeen City - Just Like Christmas

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