Monday, December 18, 2006

When I Am Gone | Sparrow House


I feel like I've been neglecting this blog lately, and I'm here to apologize. You are probably thinking to yourself..okay, this girl is crazy. She hasn't missed a day posting. I realize that. But to me the posts as of late have been quite lackluster. I never really know the right balance between personal and straight forward blog posting, and I still am a little bit lost. I've missed posting about shows I've gone to, CDs I've listened to. I've forgotten about my 52 albums a Week adventure, and I have no one to blame but myself. This time of the year always gets me a little bit crazed, but I should be able to stop once in a while and attempt at some musical pontificating.

Now, while I go away on Friday for a week (mmmm...vacation) I'm going to try and play catch up this week as much as I can. You still have my "Top 25 Songs of 2006" to look forward to, that I have been pinning over and over and over again, re-ordering, adding, subtracting etc. These list things are a big deal, aren't they?

Last week I went to The Friction Party which is always a super dooper time. I saw Tall Hands play as a full band for the first time and really dug them. It was an added bonus that the younger Pete from Nickelodeon’s most underrated show, Pete & Pete is their guitar player. The sparks were flowing, and then I realized I had to go.

BreakThru Radio recorded a live session with my favorites A Brief Smile that night, so I hopped out for a few hours to watch. I'll have pictures and maybe an exclusive MP3 up here before I leave hopefully. Their full session will be up next week for you to listen to, so please don't forget.

I ventured back to Friction and caught the tail end of Bound Stems who were without foliage, but still sounding as stupendous as ever. Sadly I missed my song (you'll find it in my top 25 songs of the year post), but they played to an enthusiastic crowd. Each time I see this band I like them a little bit more. It's that kind of sound that grows on you. Kind of like trees. Now I see the connection.

Thursday I hit up the Filter party and got to catch up with the Ra Ra Riot kids, since I missed them the night before. It's a very odd experience drinking and seeing a band in a clothing store. I think it's mostly due to the very bright lights. I spent most of the time there trying not to spill my free Bass on the gorgeous coat I was so close to buying. And then I saw Keith from We Are Scientists in the audience and I hid behind a clothes rack. One of these days, I'll stop being so silly.

Ra Ra Riot put on one of the best shows I've seen them play thus far, mostly because they were one with the audience. The six piece was literally running into each other amongst the clothes and the hundreds of people who showed up. It was rowdy, to say the least and ridiculously fun. I don't care what you say or think about this band, I think they are fantastic. I can't wait to see them truly blow up in 2007.

After Filter headed to the last Stolen Transmission party at Annex. Not going to lie, I'm looking forward to fewer nights at Annex. You know how I feel about this place. Didn't stay too long. Too much beer makes this blogger sleepy.

Friday I had planned to stay in and catch up on some z's, but D persuaded me that her new party Neon Lights at Delancey. Okay, I'd give it a shot. It was Friday night afterall. So I dragged Sean there early for the $3 PBRs (I can't pass up a good drink offer) and was there in time to see Bell, a female singer/songwriter donned with a keyboard and a very Regina Spektor-esque voice. I thought she was, in short, fabulous. Extremely likeable in her presence and with a voice that echoed throughout the small stage, I think everyone there was pretty captivated. It was catchy with a certain charm. As Borat would say: very nice.

I caught a bit of the second act, Lismore, but migraines and exhaustion ensued, and I had to call it a night. I went home and watched Cheaper By The Dozen 2 on HBO and passed out half way through. I'm not sure if I was just that tired, or if it was just that bad, but I was asleep by 11 on a Friday. I'm that cool.

Saturday was an early start and off to Prospect Park for what Nora and I have donned "Blogger Bowl," where some of your favorite bloggers played flag (er, towel?) football while we cheered along and drank a lot of red wine in the afternoon. This weather is crazy, considering its December, but I was all for it. It was a beautiful day in the park and a hilarious attempt at football. The rest of the day/night turned into a drinking fest, which the details will remain unsaid, and a bit blurred.

So that brings you up to date with a bit of the shows, and I promise I'll try and keep this thing with a more organized routine. I'll work my ass off to get everything squared away before I leave on Friday.

Oh, and here's a song that I've forgotten on my Top 25 in 2006 list, but deserves attention nonetheless. Jared just emailed me over the weekend and is sending me a copy of his EP Falls so I'm pumped to take a listen.

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