Friday, December 1, 2006

Aberdeen City @ Mercury Lounge

Aberdeen City @ Mercury Lounge

I always get just a little bit excited when Aberdeen City comes to town. Their live shows always reaffirm my love for the band, and I leave with many songs stuck in my head. I welcome that. The Freezing Atlantic has been a staple album for almost a year now. It's one of those that you venture back to on a regular basis and each time it feels like you are listening to it for the first time.

But this is about their live show.

Nora and I ventured to Mercury Lounge with a few minutes to spare. I was day dreaming about my new flannel sheets and the fact that I really wanted to nap. Nora was upset she had to leave half way through Gray's Anatomy. But I told her, this would be worth it. And yes, it most definitely was.

I've seen this band a handful of times, and yet I always forget just how intense their live show proves to be. This is greatly credited to their guitarist Chris McLaughlin, who not only is a trainwreck on stage, but my own personal choice of eye candy. After seeing him last night I've decided that he could in fact be our generation's Sid Vicious. From the spitting of the beer to the hazy eyes, this skinny guitar player proved that sometimes you need an entertaining band member, even if your music speaks for itself. Nora had to take a break half way through the set. She couldn't handle the chaos. I say, more power to you. That's rock and roll.

Aberdeen City @ Mercury Lounge

Aberdeen always has a packed crowd in New York City and it was nice to see them at Mercury Lounge, a venue that is just perfect for their noisy melodies. The band played some new tunes that excited me for their next album. And of course my favorites, "Pretty Pet" and "Mercy" were the highlights. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this band is on to something big.

  • Aberdeen City - Pretty Pet
  • Aberdeen City - Mercy

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