Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Ryan Adams @ Town Hall

Ryan Adams @ Town Hall

Ryan Adams is sober.

I know this now. I didn't believe him last time I saw him, as his neurosis and honest-to-god- cracked out sensibilities were still prevalent. Last night was much of the same. The same mumbling, rambling, and paranoia. And yet he wore six inch silver platform go go boots for the entire two hour set.

That, my friends, is not an easy feat, or easy on your feet. It takes a certain skill, and I must say a certain level of sobriety. Good on you Ryan. You've done us all proud.

Ryan Adams @ Town Hall

I love Ryan. It's no surprise, and really no secret either. If he just stood up on a stage and mumbled for two hours I would have left saying it was the best show ever. I just can't help it. He makes me laugh. He makes me awkward. And I love him for it.

But damn, can he sing.

Last night's set was a nice collection of his entire catalogue, from Heartbreaker to some newbies with his band The Heartbreakers. All of his old work was given a country makeover, most notably, "New York, New York" which sounded like a completely different song. (And in my opinion, much better). Highlights included "Dear Chicago" (!) "Peaceful Valley", "Let It Ride," "Nightbirds" and "To Be Young". They even played an amazing Grateful Dead cover in honor of a speedy recovery for Phil Lesh. Twas amazing.

Complete setlist:
Magnolia Mountain
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Dear Chicago
Peaceful Valley
Tears of Gold
Night Birds
Cold Roses
New York, New York
Arkham Asylum
Kiss Before I Go
Let it Ride
Bartering Lines
To be Young
Blue Hotel
Beautiful Sorta
The End
Expressway to Your Skull
Whart Rat (Grateful Dead cover)
I See Monsters

Every time I see Ryan play I am convinced that all of his work has been consistent, despite what some of you may say. And last night, at the very comfortable and crystal clear sounding Town Hall, he proved that he's one of our generations most prolific and talented musicians. Hands down.

Sadly, he did not rap. Although there was a lot of "oh snap." Good enough for me.


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