Thursday, December 14, 2006

Band Of The Week: Middle Distance Runner

It's always nice when I'm not the one doing the stalking. It's awfully funny how things have changed over the past couple years since I started this whole Underrated adventure. At the beginning, I was waiting around after shows trying to muster up the courage to say hi to bands. Then I was sending harassing emails. Then it sorta turned into obsessions over bands while trying to keep my cool. Now I have piles of cds sitting on my desk that are begging to be listened to, emails waiting to be answered, and not hours in the day to get around to it all.

So like I said, it's always nice when I'm not the one doing the stalking. Middle Distance Runner sent me a cd oh too long ago, that actually was listened to and enjoyed, but never got around to a blog post. After they sent me a lotto card with the album (yes a lotto card! genius) and I didn't win, I must admit I was a bit angry. Kidding. But once you quote the Cable Guy in an email to me, you've basically won me over. Most underrated film ever? Me thinks yes.

Plane In Flames, the debut album from this DC band is chock full of classic indie pop, with sing-song choruses and hooks up the wazoo. It's, in short, completely up my alley. And yet, I think they are on to something else in certain songs, which makes the listen not completely monotonous. They infuse a bit of the wailing melodies of some brit-pop in songs like "Switch It Up" and "Man Of The People" to keep you on your toes.

Middle Distance Runner is playing with iForward Russia! and Underrated favs, Snowden on Saturday down in DC at Black Cat. They will be in New York next month (January 17 to be exact) at Arlene's Grocery.

Buy Plane In Flames on iTunes and be their friend on myspace.

Picasso posted an amazing xmas song by the band today, too.

  • Middle Distance Runner - Naturally
  • Middle Distance Runner - Top Of The Stairs

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