Thursday, December 7, 2006

White Rabbits, The Grates @ Mercury Lounge

I was telling someone on Monday that the reason I'm not very good at writing reviews is because when I like a band, really like a band, I tend to make that far too obvious. I don't hide behind superlatives; I encourage them. Long time readers of this blog have seen me do this before.

And here we go again.

White Rabbits @ Mercury Lounge

This post marks the third official post on New York's own White Rabbits (discounting CMJ, the first two are here and here) Expect to see many many more. I can't really pinpoint this latest obsession to just one factor. Is it their easily memorable songs? Their exciting live shows? Six indie rock boys on one stage? Two drummers? Calypso beats with sing song melodies? I'll never be able to tell. All I know is that White Rabbits have won me over. And I’m telling you, you will be won over as well.

Granted, this is all before I've heard an album.

White Rabbits @ Mercury Lounge

As soon as they played "The Plot" last night I was overly excited because it's the only song I've been able to listen to on their myspace over and over again. I'm honestly afraid of what will happen once I get their upcoming debut. It's going to make their live shows that much more enjoyable. Which makes this reek with anticipation.

Go listen to this band. See them live. Everyone else is doing it. Why aren’t you?

The Grates @ Mercury Lounge

It was my first time seeing The Grates and by that time I had downed my bottle of vodka/diet coke that I snuck into Mercury. (I know, I'm a 16 year old at heart). Everyone describes this band as "fun" and gosh darnit they really hit the mark with that one. Lead singer Patience was in an adorable white skirt that I kinda wanted to steal from her, but she was far too busy bouncing around the stage. The packed crowd at Mercury Lounge could have been a bit more energetic considering the band was playing their little dance punk souls out.

While I'm not the biggest fan of their style on recordings, seeing them live was a far more enjoyable experience. The trio is completely charming, both speaking and playing. Maybe everyone just seems nicer with an Australian accent. Who knows. But yes, if I had to sum them up I couldn't really pick a better word that fun.

  • The Grates - Trampoline

    Kathleen PSCQ said...

    The Grates are coming back to NYC!!!

    March 23: Mercury Lounge
    March 25: Pianos

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