Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blog Show TEN!

Uh oh. We've reached double digits.

This week Nora and I recorded from the lovely oasis also known as my apartment. We were lucky enough to have Sean cook us a yummy yummy dinner while we babbled, and babbled, and babbled.

Recording The Blog Show

Congrats to our friends at Crackers United for being our bloggers of the week! They put on an amazing show last night, which...according to Nora....was the best, ever.


Stagg – The Diggs
Faith In Strangers – The Diggs
It's Just Like You Say – The Diggs

Glossy-Eyed Sweetheart – The Hard Tomorrows
Stop + Shoot – The Hard Tomorrows
Patterns – The Hard Tomorrows

Fifteen On Ice – Tall Hands
Three Full Virginias – Tall Hands
On Top Of Time – Tall Hands

Click Click Click Click – Bishop Allen
The Same Fire – Bishop Allen
Clementines – Bishop Allen

Everyone's Starting Over (Cassettes Wont Listen Remix) – The Diggs

Listen in at and click on "the Blog Show!


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