Thursday, December 14, 2006

Song Of The Week: Everyone's Starting Over (Diggs Cover) | Beat Radio

Covers can be hit or miss. Sometimes I prefer a band to do a very literal translation of the song into their own realm. This usually helps if they are in a completely different genre, so it still sounds fresh. Other times, I want a whole new caboodle. Like "Heartbeats" by both The Knife and Jose Gonzalez is a good example. Bad example? Ryan Adams' cover of Oasis "Wonderwall." I love me some Ryan, but that cover was god awful.


Beat Radio is working on an EP of all covers, and they were nice enough to send over their cover of The Diggs' wonderful wonderful song "Everyone's Starting Over." You may remember there was a remix of this song by Cassettes Wont Listen. There is a reason for this -- the song is an excellent example of craftsmanship, easily maluable to many interpretations.

I think Beat Radio's cover is absolutely beautiful, slowing down the pace and focusing on the vocals. This = good cover. Take note.

  • Beat Radio - Everyone's Starting Over (Diggs cover)

    Beat Radio is playing December 23 at Pianos and December 29 at Union Hall. Don't forget, you can download their entire debut LP The Great Big Sea here.


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