Friday, December 8, 2006

Phoenix Remixed!

I think I've actually failed to ever mention on this blog how much I sincerely adore Phoenix. I've only seen them once, but it was fantastic. They are a band that I routinely go back to for a nice pick me up in how songs should be written. Whether its to fall asleep to or dj, Phoenix works at all times. There aren't too many bands like this.

The band just released a remix EP on iTunes that I totally recommend. There are two new versions of both "Consolation Prizes" and "Long Distance Calls" which happen to be two of my favorite songs by the band. I'm not too familiar with the frenchies that did the remixes, but I give them two thumbs up. I could play these songs over and over and over and over again.

You can listen to one of the remixes on 25 Hours A Day's myspace.

Here are originals for you to enjoy.

  • Phoenix - Long Distance Call
  • Phoenix - Consolation Prizes

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