Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Artist Of The Week: Alice Smith

When Wes asked me to a show last Wednesday, he prefaced it with the fact that this was not, in fact, and indie rock show. He figured that's all I can handle, or at least choose to participate in. While I do have a certain weakness for catchy tunes by skinny boys with floppy hair, I do venture out to other genres of the musical spectrum from time to time.

Sometimes I just need to be asked.

So off I went to Nokia Theater, which was completely overtly commercial (as anticipated), but quite comfortable and rewarding. The sound was spectacular. And there was even a technology display of sorts in the lobby, which provided a brief distraction. But we were there to see NYC based artist Alice Smith, who was opening up for Citizen Cope, and who Wes promised would blow me away.

And well, he was right.

Alice Smith has one of those voices that you almost want to hate. It's so natural and rich, that you know that even with the world's best training, you'll never quite sound like that. At the beginning of her set, she almost looked embarrassed by her own power. It took her until half way through the set to feel comfortable on that stage, but once she got it - she owned it. She kicked the tempo, kicked up her black converse sneakers, and the crowd was feeling it.

She's got enough soul for a person twice her age, with songs that I've been playing on repeat since I heard them live for the first time. By the end of the set I wanted to hate her for having that much talent, but I just couldn't. I was too busy clapping along with the crowd to care.

  • Alice Smith - Dream
  • Alice Smith - Gary Song

    Hear more on myspace and purchase her debut album For Lovers, Dreamers, & Me here.


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