Thursday, February 1, 2007

Band Of The Week: Shy Child | Live @ Mercury Lounge

So I've been in a completely ridiculous mood lately. Like giddy and all that jazz, basically bouncing off the walls at every moment, unable to really contain any normal excitement. It can be embarrassing sometimes. Especially on a crowded subway.

Last night after Ra Ra Riot and meeting the roomie for a drink over at 2A, I went back to Mercury Lounge to check out Shy Child. I really didn't know anything about this group, other than they are signed to Say Hey Records (home to my beloved White Rabbits). But I figured they had to be good. I just didn't know how good.

Like I said, I've been in a very giddy mood lately, so hearing Shy Child totally worked for me. And it's working today. I've listened to their album One With The Sun over and over again, while bouncing around in my chair compulsively. There are only two people that make up this band, but that’s all you need. I spent most of my time last night fixated on their impressive drummer that totally made me jump up and down like a complete idiot. Oh, and there’s a keytar. You cannot, I repeat, cannot lose when you have a keytar.

The band has toured with Hot Chip, which makes total sense because both bands know how to keep you dancing from beginning to end. Even though I was seeing them for the first time, I didn't want their set to end. I seriously would have stayed at Mercury Lounge until 5 in the morning if they kept those beats going. This band just protrudes energy.

Go see this band immediately. Bring your dancing shoes.

  • Shy Child - Summer
  • Shy Child - Break Your Neck

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