Sunday, February 11, 2007

Live Blogging The Grammys

Well, I've never live blogged anything before so I figured I'd give it a try. In truth, my roommate left me to watch the Grammys solo, so I need someone to share snarky comments with. You will be that person, thank me later.

7:47: Just tuned into the pre-show on E!. I cannot stand the people who host these things. Ryan Seacrest, although everyone seems to have a crush on him now (what?) is so f-ing annoying. Outkast is very short. In fact, shorter than Seacrest. Weird.

7:49: Fergie has to be the worst person ever. Scratch that, I think she may be an alien. They have a lot of diamonds, these Black Eyed Peas. People need to stop buying their albums so the world can be a better place. Ugh, they already won a Grammy. This is why I really dislike this awards show.

7:53: Roommate is still here. She's playing me the Black Eyed Peas song that covered Sting during the commercial break. She says its good. I'm holding my ears and making strange noises to drown it out. Now she admits its boring. Success!

7:57: Do we really care about John Mayer and Jessica Simpson? The answer is, yes.

7:58: Quentin Tarantino is the man.

8:00: ROXANNE!

8:01: Holy crap. Just me or is Sting super sexy.

8:03: Okay, that was awesome. They should just forget the rest of the show and keep the Police on all night.

8:06: Yay! Pop Collaboration actually credited someone worthwhile. If that Shakira song had won I was about to turn off the TV, or throw myself out the window. Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder are two of the coolest cats ever. And yes, I said cats. The roommate thinks Tony is a hottie.

8:09: Wow. Joan Baez does not want to be there. Okay, Dixie Chicks. Although I'm no country fan I think you guys are awesome. If they win tonight, I'll be pleased.

8:17: Man, I love that iPod commercial with the Fratellis song. So good.

8:18: Wow. Prince is like the sex again. Ugh, I cannot stand Beyonce. Bring on Jennifer Hudson! This is the worst song from the movie. She's looking pretty freaky these days. And that thing in her hair is a bit out of control. Her dress is totally see through! And she's totally off key. Ugh.

8:22: Wow. I didn't know they announced nominees for Lifetime Achievement award. So what if you don't win? Hm.

8:25: Oh my god. Mary J just named every person on this earth. I actually fell asleep.

8:28: So this whole idea for performing with Justin is pretty interesting. It could make for great TV. Someone is going to mess up, or flash a boob and we'll see it all over you tube tomorrow. I can't wait.

8:33: What is Justin Timberlake talking about? He's definitely stoned. How is he performing already? I thought it was going to be after 10 pm that the chick is announced. I'm so confused. And this is definitely not his best song.

8:37: Okay, part one of JT = pretty damn good. Part two? He should not be shown in that camera angle. It's actually starting to make me cringe.


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