Thursday, February 8, 2007

Blog Show #18: We're legal!

Okay, so I have to tell you that I'm totally obsessed with the Mason Proper album (pre-order here), so that is going to need a separate post altogether. But I can tell you that you should listen to this week's "Blog Show" because I play three songs off the album, plus we have three other super bands.

I also almost kill Nora by show's end, right before we play a new Arcade Fire song, so if that's not reason enough I don't know what is.

Click here to listen, and don't forget to be our friend on myspace.


Deaf Ears - The Hourly Radio
Crime Does Pay - The Hourly Radio
Please Forget - The Hourly Radio

My My (Bad Fruit) - Mason Proper
Mr. Charm - Mason Proper
100 Years - Mason Proper

The Fatalist - Robbers On High Street
Spanish Teeth - Robbers On High Street
Japanese Girls - Robbers On High Street

Tell Me - Catfish Haven
Too Hungover To Headbang - Catfish Haven
Crazy For Leaving - Catfish Haven

Intervention - Arcade Fire


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