Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Battering Room Presents: Knockout! Round 2

After today I get a little bit of a vacation before I start the new job on Monday. Well, it's not really a vacation. With a big dj gig tomorrow night (anti-valentines day, you will be there, yes?) plus a bazillion other shows, I may end up more tired than usual. We'll see.

Friday I will be djing Battering Room's Knockout! Round 2. I happened to dj Round 1 as well, but didn't get to see any of the bands. I'll be happy to only have to play tunes between sets this time around, so that I can check out the bands. It's a pretty sweet lineup.

Sure Juror is playing the last show of a month long residency in New York, and this is sure to be their best. If you haven't seen them yet, you should be there. The Muggabears will be a very special guest on The Blog Show this week, so I heart them already. Johan is Dutch and making a special trip over to the US for this show, and The Antlers have an awesome name.

Sold, right?

Right. Head on over to Pop Tarts for an mp3 from each band, and keep a lookout on Battering Room for a post about the show today.

And I'll see you on Friday.


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