Monday, February 12, 2007

The Undisputed Heavyweights @ KidRockers | Live EP!!

Saturday night I may have drank a bit too much, but that didn't stop me from heading all the way up to 110th Street on a Sunday afternoon to see my beloved Undisputed Heavyweights perform at The Underground Lounge as part of the KidRockers series. KidRockers is a fairly new idea put together by some super-hip parents, bringing in two acts on a regular basis to perform for a bunch of kids and their parents. Seriously -- fun for the whole family.

Artists perform original, not specifically made for kids songs in an authentic and kid-friendly venue. And let me tell you, these kids were the coolest ever. Not only were they requesting songs from James Levy and The Heavyweights, but they were rocking out to Bob Dylan before the show. I only wish I could be that cool.

Watching The Undisputed Heavyweights perform in front of a crowd of kids was interesting and enjoyable. Perhaps it's because when I watch this band perform, I feel like a six year old -- giddy and enthusiastic, entranced by Casey Shea's antics and persona. One kid kept telling Casey he was crazy. Yes, he totally is, which is why this band is ideal for any age group. You'll always feel young at heart.

The greatest moment was when the band played a truncated version of "Bitches Been Trippin" (cut out the whole bitches part). Casey exclaimed that he had the "stay in school" blues and that he gets mistaken for Harry Potter too often. The kids loved it. And the organizers of KidRockers handed out sunglasses for all them to wear, sharing in Casey's blues. What a sight to see.

All the pictures above were taken by Sarah Ivy, and more can be found on The Undisputed Heavyweight's flickr. Check out KidRockers over at


The Heavyweights will be playing next Thursday at Mercury Lounge (February 22) as a release party of their first ever Live EP. Live From New York City is the first in a series of EPs from Family Records, a division of Liberated Matter.

The EP features six songs recorded over at Joe's Pub, by Ryan Ryspace, with one bonus track recorded at Rockwood Music Hall. The EP will also include 11 (!) videos from various performances and backstage antics. Partial proceeds of each EP sold will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Sowbackya Illam Children's Home in India.

Live From New York City is the first volume in a limited edition box set, called, The Bootleg Series. The Series, which will be released under Family Records, will feature several local artists. Super exciting.

It's been a long time coming to have an official release from The Heavyweights. Consider yourself lucky, and pick one up on Thursday at Mercury Lounge!


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