Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mason Proper - There Is A Moth On Your Chest | Tour w/ Birdmonster

People tend to ask me what I'm listening to. I don't know why but apparently I'm somewhat of a music addict, who feeds on new music and usually can't keep quiet about it. And while I keep thinking I'm about to go into some sort of musical rut, something keeps coming along that reminds me that there are far too many bands out there, and only one of me. The odds, my friends, are in my favor.

2007 has started off strong for me. When I am not listening to local favorites White Rabbits, or a few guilty pleasures (Mika, anyone?), I have been habitually picking apart Mason Proper's debut album There Is A Moth On My Chest. I first wrote about this band in December, and seeing them play for the first time really sealed the deal. And now that I've got a copy of their album, thanks to Dovecote Records, it's really all I can listen to anymore.

What I need to tell you is that it is good. No, this is not just the type of good that you'll listen to for a week, really like, and then move on. This is not the type of good that you are just waiting for the band to really find their sound for their next album, and that will be better. And this is not the type of good that is easily accessible, or too far-fetched to be considered ordinary.

No, my friends. This is a different type of good.

This is the type of good that reminds you of every band you loved. Equally early 90's rock, influenced by some of the greatest indie rock gods of our time, it's straightforward and the perfect amount of quirky. I'd hate to make comparisons because you'd easily laugh at me, so instead I'll tell you that this is likeable rock, with a little bit of fuzz, a little bit melody, and a whole lot of fun. You will dance. You will pick apart the lyrics. You'll wonder what pedals or what production tricks they'd use. But in the end, you'll say...this is frickin good.

And because I can never keep my mouth shut, I happened to mention to the Birdmonsters about my new obsession (they've experienced this first hand, after all) and now the two have decided to do a little tour together. And how happy is this girl? Well, I'm sure you get this by now.

Go pre-order Mason Proper's debut There Is A Moth On Your Chest over at Dovecote Records right now and get a free 7" Picture Disc of "My My (Bad Fruit)" with exclusive B-side "Traveling Man" AND a free poster signed by the band!

So download these below, order the album, and I'll see you at the shows.

  • Mason Proper - My My (Bad Fruit)
  • Mason Proper - Miss Marylou Carreau
  • Mason Proper - 100 Years
  • Mason Proper - Carousel! Carousel!

    and in case you forgot...

  • Birdmonster - Cause You Can

    Birdmonster & Mason Proper Tour:
    Mar 24 - The Subterranean - Chicago, Illinois
    Mar 25 - Mad Hatter Club - Covington, Kentucky
    Mar 27 - Lager House - Detroit, Michigan
    Mar 28 - The Horseshoe - Toronto, Ontario
    Mar 30 - The Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Mar 31 - The Gramercy Theatre - New York, New York (buy tickets here)

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