Wednesday, February 21, 2007

here, there, everywhere

The blog is going to be very scatterbrained from now on. I hope that's okay. This job is like a total rush 24/7 and I feel on edge and excited all the time. Is that strange? Perhaps. All I know is today I got to speak with Kevin Devine, and I almost died. I love him.

Read the story about Capitol dropping him right here.

I am pumped to see Ra Ra Riot tonight at Canal Room. I was honored to be sent a couple tracks off their forthcoming EP, and get ready. The demos never fully represented how intense this band is live. These new tracks will do that justice, and then some. From what I heard, they were all reimagined versions of songs I've heard before -- adding in a little edge, a little funk and a whole lot more energy. It's pretty remarkable.

You can go listen to the new version of "Each Year In Our Graves" over on their myspace.

Now let me listen to the Arcade Fire live mp3 download and cry because I wasn't there. And get back to work.

I'll be dancing tonight. Watch out.


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