Thursday, October 20, 2005

Back Where I Began

It dawned on me last night that it had been quite a while since I had seen a band that I knew absolutely nothing about. Maybe this city has gotten smaller, or that I just am a little more knowledgeable than I once was, but I remember when I first came to New York -- every night was a new discovery. So instead of me gushing about how good A Brief Smile was (you'll see them on the 18th and tell me yourself), let's talk about Cordalene, a band from Philly that played before them.

Last night's lineup was a hit and miss. Literally one after the other. Wasn't a fan of the first. Second was Cordalene (we'll get to that) and then the band after them was seriously painful. And I'm really not one to bash a band because I like to find the good in everyone, but I couldn't sit there and listen to it. Especially at 11 o'clock at night, having been up since 6:30 that morning. Nope. I wasn't feeling about it. The 90's are over, dudes. I'll leave you name out for your own sanity.

On to good things. So I admit I knew I was going to like Cordalene the second they walked on stage. I think I even told Susan that. Perhaps I have a little weak spot for good looking guys in bands, but that's besides the point, and not up for discussion. This Philly band was a complete breath of fresh air. I seriously dug it. I couldn't really put my finger on what their sound was, and that almost made it better. They'd be rocking out at one minute and then do this amazing breakdown in the middle of a song. I liked the variety, and I rocked out to all their songs. Look what happens when you venture into Williamsburg on a Wednesday night.

Cordalene has an album in the works and lead singer Mike Kiley was nice enough to give me some tunes. Now that I'm listening to the tracks, they oddly remind me of a cross between the pop of The Shins and the rock of Aberdeen City, maybe even with some Head Set voice crooning in there. But perhaps that’s just because I saw two of those bands this past weekend. Or perhaps it's just because I am never good at comparisons. Or perhaps that open bar last night just does that to you.

Anyways, take a listen. They are back in New York to play Don Hills on November 4 and Sin-E on December 2.

  • Cordalene - Imaginary
  • Cordalene - Back Where I Began
  • Cordalene - I'm Occupied, It Seems
  • Cordalene - Kissed Awake

    Cordalene @ Trash

    A Brief Smile
    A Brief Smile @ Trash

    More photos here.


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