Monday, October 3, 2005

It's too early for jokes

I tried to think of a funny title for this post. Something along the lines of this weekend being a complete bust. But, now that I am reminiscing about September 30-October 2, I realize it wasn't all that bad. Sure, I was stuck in my apartment during the day with piles and piles of tissues surrounding me. Sure, the shuttle service in Brooklyn decided to close down for the weekend, resulting in an hour and a half commute to the city (two subways + two buses). And so what if I was asleep before 1 each night and only consumed a usual nights drinking, spread out over three days? I still got to see two fantastic shows. And that, to me, is no bust at all.

  • Saturday: Beat Radio at Sin-E.
    My head felt like it was going to explode, but god dammit, I was going out. I popped enough advil cold and sinus to cure a small army and was on my way. Seeing Thumbsucker didn't exactly happen, unfortunately (see Q train above). So instead Georgia and I strolled over to 2nd ave to enjoy some yumminess at Virage. We sat outside and watched the people go by, both sniffling, and somehow I told her many a tales from freshman year. I'm sure she was bored, but luckily didn't let up.

    Then it was downtown to Sin-E, and we were surprisingly early. I almost thought we were at the wrong venue because inside Sin-E was seemed to be a latin/reggae band playing to what looked like my mother's friends. There was free food, and lucky for us an open bar. Turned out to be a private party, and when a woman offered Georgia a bag of chicken pot pies to take home and freeze, all we could do is laugh. Gotta love New York.

    But on to what really matters, which was when Beat Radio finally took the stage. Each song sounded as good, if not better live, and I found myself knowing all the words. Had I really listened to them that much in just a few weeks? The answer is yes. There's a certain mood and atmosphere that resonates from this band that I just can't get enough of. To say that lead singer Brian Sendrowitz is a jittery lead singer is not at all a criticism. In fact, it makes for a great visual. I like jitters. It's that I-feel-so-much-and-want-to-get-it-out intensity that brought their songs to a new level. Oh yeah, and they played "Ancient As The Stars." I just adore that song.

    Blogger alert! Got to meet another fellow NYC blogger at the show. It's always nice to meet someone that hates the MTA as much as I, but loves music just as much. Nice to meet you Jerry.

    Also, my sincere apologies to Rob of the fabulouso band The Hard Tomorrows. He was playing solo at Piano's at midnight, but my sickness just wasn't letting up. I will catch you guys next time, I promise.

    Beat Radio @ Sin-e

  • Interpol @ Webster Hall
    I tried to be productive all weekend. I have many a interview to transcribe, but the thought of listening to something over and over again did not appeal to my mal a la tete. Instead I watched episode after episode of America’s Next Top Model. Why? I just don't know. My only feat for my Sunday was getting my laundry done. And that is a feat, ok!

    7 PM rolled around and I once again made my hour and a half commute into the city. This time, I knew the bus like the back of my hand, and I wasn't missing a movie, so it didn't seem so bad. But MTA, I still hate you.

    Grabbed a slice of pizza and headed to Georgia's apartment (conveniently oh so close to Webster). I chatted about West Wing with her roomie while we waited for Roxanne to call. Before I knew it, I was in Webster Hall, waiting 25 minutes for a drink and sweating already. I really dislike that venue for a multitude of reasons. Sure the sound is good, and while large it still remains intimate. But my god, have they ever heard of a thing called air conditioning?

    I always think that when I go to see Interpol it won't be any different or any more thrilling that the previous time. Who knows what roots that expectation, but it fortunately is always exceeded. I wouldn't say that this was the best I've seen them, but each show gives me a completely new perspective on this band. This was the first time I could actually see the band (always a plus) and realized that they have an exuding stage presence. When I saw them at Radio City, I thought they were stand-still the entire show. Perhaps they were. In Dublin, I was so blinded by their lights that all I could make out were shadows. But last night I had perfect view (I stood upstairs right behind the sound guy) and enjoyed watching them as much as listening to them. From Carlos D putting his bass behind his head to a "aw-shucks" hug of all band members at the 2nd encore, I couldn't help but think that this is a hard-working band from NYC that has "made it"(whatever that means). That has got to feel pretty good.

    As a set, it wasn't anything different than I've seen before. Opened with "Last Exit" and proceeded to play two encores. (A bit much, in my opinion). I felt giddy with some silly celeb sightings. After the opener we were brushed by the entire band. Couldn't get my camera out in time, though. But we did have Albert from The Strokes (I swear I see him everywhere) and the guitarist from Incubus (no idea his name) in front of us. And I have a picture to prove it, so there.

    Interpol @ Webster Hall

    Click on the picture for notes.

    Interpol's light show is fantastic. But unfortunately it's hard for an amateur photographer such as myself. I did my best.

    Interpol @ Webster Hall

    Now I need to take some more advil. Happy Monday.

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