Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Just Like You Say

I should be happy it's Friday, but I'm not. The weather looks crummy, it's going to rain here in NYC all weekend. Perhaps that will make it easier for me to stay in. I have to lock myself in my apartment starting tonight, and not allowing myself out until Sunday. I will not, and cannot watch episodes of Arrested Development all weekend. No. I will do work. I will be productive. Because deadlines are creeping through, and time is running out -- to release this next issue, that is.

So have you heard about this show on November 18? I hear it's pretty cool. Apparently Jaymay and A Brief Smile are slated to play already. I hear there's an open bar and a super cool DJ. It's just what I hear.

Why not leave you with some excitement for the weekend? Ok! So who doesn't love The Diggs? There isn't a person I've met that has seen them play or listened to a song I've sent them that doesn't think they are amazing. And they are. So people are getting it right this time. Good job!

So I couldn't put on a show without asking my favorite drinking buddies The Diggs to play. That's right. Catch them November 18 at Crash Mansion to celebrate the seventh issue of Underrated Magazine. If you want some reassurance take a listen to these tracks, and catch them next Wednesday at Scenic for a sneak preview.

  • The Diggs - Stagg
  • The Diggs - Trouble Everyday
  • The Diggs - It's Just Like You Say
  • The Diggs - Minimum Safe Distance

    Underrated Magazine's Issue Seven Release Party
    at Between (a Rock and Hard Place)
    Crash Mansion
    New York, NY
    Friday, November 18
    Open bar 9-10
    Free entrance before 11
    A Brief Smile
    The Diggs
    and more to be announced...


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