Tuesday, October 4, 2005

No Restraining Order Just Yet

My friend Johnny works for a moving company that moves equipment for a lot Broadway shows and then some band's tours. Just so happens one of those bands turns out to be Guster. I won't deny it has been a long history of admiration for the band. So when he told me yesterday morning that he would be spending the day with the bongo maniac himself, Bryan Rosenworcel, I almost ditched work/school to go hang out with him. But alas, I am no groupie (or so they say) and lord knows I wouldn't want to be unprofessional. So instead my friend Johnny called me, as he is sitting next to Bryan to say hi. I kept my cool, just told him to say hi for me (Bryan and I have emailed a couple times, with my incessent requests for them to play Happy Frappy). Because I'm at a loss for anything remotely interesting to post today, here's our AIM conversation recapping the momentous event.

Rachael (10:30:42 AM): bleeh sucks, everyone is sick it seems
Johnny (10:33:17 AM): well now that i know how to get to your apartment... you and i can be sick together at some point
Rachael (10:33:31 AM): hah for sure, thats so funny that u were so close
Rachael (10:33:39 AM): is that where bryan lives?
Johnny (10:41:31 AM): hmmm... didn't get to ask him that
Rachael (10:42:13 AM): but its where their stuff is?
Johnny (10:43:43 AM): yea theres this small music warehouse
Johnny (10:43:46 AM): 227 st. marks
Rachael (10:44:01 AM): crazy
Rachael (10:46:40 AM): so wait did u say anything about the band's album that he produced
Johnny (10:52:17 AM): yup...
Johnny (10:52:21 AM): sam champion
Rachael (10:52:39 AM): ah man that sso cool!
Rachael (10:52:48 AM): was he impressed?
Johnny (10:53:40 AM): told bryan "my friend ra that runs this magazine had the greatest opinion of your production work for sam champion"
Johnny (10:53:57 AM): he smiled ... laughed
Johnny (10:54:10 AM): and was like wow... thank you very much
Rachael (10:55:27 AM): ahhh thats too cool
Rachael (10:55:34 AM): probably thinks im crazy, but still awesome
Rachael (10:56:34 AM): was it his cell # that u called from?
Johnny (10:58:03 AM): no thats my bosses cell phone
Johnny (10:58:19 AM): i should be getting one this week
Rachael (11:00:18 AM): ahh ok
Rachael (11:00:21 AM): it was restricted anyways lol
Rachael (11:08:26 AM): were u really right next to bryan when u called me
Johnny (11:08:54 AM): yea we were sitting on the back of the truck
Rachael (11:09:10 AM): did he think i was crazy
Johnny (11:10:01 AM): no... i phrazed it all towards you sounding like one who has a great appreciation for their music
Rachael (11:10:12 AM): thank god for that haha


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