Tuesday, October 4, 2005

A for effort

I received "comments" from my professor on that paper I wrote where I had to choose a certain band and discuss whether they are “authentic” or not. Now I have the task of writing a final draft for a grade. I'm at a loss, I can't define authenticity, and I don’t want to. And these comments are less than helpful.

This is an interesting piece on the maneuverings of an up and coming band, but it seems inconclusive. You recognize the split inherent in pop music success, between being artistically 'true' and commercially acceptable, but you don't really define authenticity and take a stand for it (which doesn't necessarily mean preaching against 'success'). You promise a certain angle here and don't follow up on it. There is comic tension here that perhaps you could exploit a little more. At the end of the essay we have forgotten all about it.

Here's to a night of writing pretentious musical criticism. This is exactly what I hate about the profession I love.

You need some music, right? I thought so.

I received an EP from a British band, Morning Lane last week and finally had a chance to listen to it today. It has potential. It's not initially fantastic, but there are moments in these songs that cause me to rewind and listen again. There are pretty melodies and poetic lyrics but it lacks any real edge to distinguish it from any other band out there right now. It's just a tad bit too safe, I suppose. With that said, there are some clever songs and overall, it is entirely enjoyable. But who am I to judge? Take a listen for yourself.
Morning Lane - Kurt's Ballad
Morning Lane - Sweet Melodies
Morning Lane - Chill Pill
Morning Lane - Viciously

Sneak peak! This shot may or may not be on the cover of the next issue of Underrated Magazine (out at the end of this month, might I add). I think this one might do well with the ladies, don't you think?


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