Saturday, October 15, 2005

Stay Still

This is me, avoiding the world of real work. Nice to meet you.

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    So yesterday I couldn't have been happier that it was Friday. The rain was on and off but now that I am looking out my window at a beautiful fall day, I'm ok with it. I got what I needed to get done at work and met my parents down at MSG for a delicious meal. They were going to see U2...without me. My mom said she'd say hi to Bono. Then they asked me if I had anything besides cigarettes for them to smoke before the show. My parents are nuts.

    So realizing I wouldn't have time to head all the way back to Brooklyn before going to Mercury lounge, I found solace and a couch at Liz's apartment before the show. We watched The Apprentice and I remembered why I don't watch that show anymore. Those people are bitchy.

    So off we were to Mercury Lounge. On the other side of Houston I was glad there was no line outside. By the time we crossed the street we were ten people deep. Boy, NYC really moves fast. I don't want to criticize Mercury Lounge, because I think its a great venue, but I wish they could do something to widen the bar space. The amount of times I had to push back and forth through people, I felt like I was giving birth each time (not like I'd know, but I can imagine). The place was packed, as it usually is on a Friday night, and I still nursing my hangover from the night before. All the people were just too much to handle.

    Regardless, it was quite the solid lineup. I can't remember a time, besides CMJ, where in one venue there's three bands that completely blew me away. First up was Levy. I thoroughly enjoyed their show the last time I saw them at Arlene's Grocery and this was no different. It's almost like a time warp, seeing this band. I felt like I should have been at a sock hop, and Liz was waiting for lead singer James Levy to take out a comb from his back pocket. Their music is a fantastic return to when music was simply melodic and fun. And then I decided I want to be a 50's gal for Halloween. Maybe Levy will accompany me.

    Levy @ Mercury Lounge

    Liz and I squeezed back through the people to catch a smoke outside. Becca, who I haven't seen in forever, called me and said she'd come down to Mercury. Liz saw that as a perfect excuse to call it a night, and they made the switcheroo for who would make sure Rachael doesn't drink too much. I waited with Bec on line and we met a nice underage boy who needed to try his fake ID again. I reminisced about all the times I was so nervous trying to get into Mercury. Thank god those days are behind me.

    Squeezing back through we were just in time for The Head Set to take the stage. I didn't really know what to expect from this band. I'd heard many good things, and the couple songs I had on my computer were pretty incredible. But shit, this band knocked me over the head. The lead singers voice is probably the best I've ever heard live. And their songs have an interesting mix of garage rock, brit pop, with a slight twang of country. I left unsatisfied. I wanted to hear more.

    The Head Set @ Mercury Lounge

    My addictions are another story, so naturally I risked another pummeling through the crowd to head outside. By that point I was yawning, and my back was aching and I was beginning to feel like an old lady. But no, I wouldn't go home. Aberdeen City was on next.

    Walking back into Mercury it felt like a who's who in the NYC music scene. Maybe it was the fact that I was very much sober, or that I just wasn't in the mood, but Bec and I headed straight to the back corner for the set. I saw Aberdeen City at Pianos months ago and was surprised by how many people they packed in, especially a band from Boston. Mercury was beyond packed. Where did all these people come from? Their debut album isn't out for another week, but I've been lucky enough to have it in my possession for a couple months. It's quite good, one of those that grows on you over time. And checking out their show last night, reaffirmed that. And that guitar player can play his guitar with his teeth anytime he wants. Please do.

    Aberdeen City @ Mercury Lounge

    Bec and I decided to head out before the mass exodus and since we were in the back corner, I figured we could just head out that way. But of course Bec needed to use the bathroom and before I knew it I was following her downstairs into the backstage area. Luckily no one found us, and Bec enjoyed being sneaky. And then I saw the exit. I also saw the fact that it said, "emergency exit - alarm will sound." Clearly, that didn't have any effect on me because I proceeded to open it anyways.

    And yes, an alarm did in fact sound.

    Fearing that this could be my last time ever in Mercury Lounge, I made a quick 180 and grabbed Bec. We cut through the crowd still watching Aberdeen and made a run for it. I'm sure no one even noticed the alarm, but thankfully we made it out anyways.

    My new favorite Aberdeen track that blew me away last night:
  • Aberdeen City - Pretty Pet

    Still my favorite Head Set song:
  • The Head Set - Last Call Doll

    Will always be my favorite Levy song:
  • Levy - Rotten Love


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