Monday, October 24, 2005

Two Weeks Notice

Chaos has set in on The Underrated's lifestyle. It's officially crunch time. Two weeks from today you will be able to view Issue Seven of Underrated Magazine online. Then a week later you can join us at Crash Mansion to pick up your free copy and enjoy some of the bands featured. For you, that means anticipation and excitement. For me, that's terrifying. But a good kind of terrifying.

When someone from Jersey calls, you answer. (Okay, maybe that's just me). I was all set to stay in all weekend and transcribe, write, edit, layout but then Mikey called me to tell me he was on his way in. He was heading to Arlene's Grocery to check out Jupiter One, a band he told me way back when was not to be missed. I had to believe him. So I took off the glasses, popped in the contacts and let my hair down. Just the show and a couple drinks and I'll would be home by midnight. That was the plan.

On my way into the city, I was sitting on the C train enjoying my latest book when I began to smell something funny. I turned to my right and found the gentlemen next to me lighting a joint. I get busted for smoking a cigarette outside on a platform and three weeks later this guy has no problem lighting up on a subway car. I had to laugh at the irony of it all, and because I think I was getting a little high.

The rain was back but I was glad to be out of my apartment. The walls had started to close in earlier that day. I ran into some familiar faces at Arlene's and the place was packed beyond capacity. I enjoyed some much needed pints before the band took the stage. It turned out to be the drummer's birthday, which explained what seemed to be a big reunion.

Jupiter One exceeded all my expectations. I had downloaded a couple tracks way back that I still listen to, but their live show is not to be missed. They are catchy and yet eclectic, mixing cultures, genres, and lyrical intentions. Mikey told me that the lineup had changed a bit with a new bass player and a missing violin player (she was actually sitting next to us, and was quite pregnant so that's understandable). And although I was told their earlier shows were beyond this world, I found myself quite content on Jupiter.


  • Jupiter One - Countdown
  • Jupiter One - Wrong Line
  • Jupiter One - Unglued
  • Jupiter One - Turn Up the Radio

    We left Arlene's and headed over to Living Room where there was a little more room to breath. And apparently steal purses too. Unfortunately someone stole one of our friend's purses at the upstairs lounge (sounded all to familiar). After searching high and low there was no sign of it anywhere. Unfortunately I had to leave so I haven't heard the officially update. People suck sometimes.

    So I'm leaving The Living Room and I get a call on my phone from an old old friend (we're talking grade school) who was in the city for the night. I decided that one drink couldn't make all that much of a difference so I headed up to Ave B to catch up. One drink turned into many, and 12:30 turned into 4 AM. I began to get really excited about this next issue of the magazine, now that I was actually away from my computer. I took Amy outside to smoke a cigarette and made her listen to the bands I was obsessed with at the moment. I had a guy do that to me once at Swift last year and I thought he was crazy. Now I was the crazy one. Luckily I convinced a cab driver to drive me back to Brooklyn for a flat rate and proceeded to tell him my entire life story. I'm sure he was glad to get rid of me by the time we pulled up in front of my apartment.

    Four hours later, up again and back in the city. Met with Chrissy for breakfast to discuss magazine layouts and weekends. Starting this weekend, sleep is unfortunately off the priority list. Two weeks from today a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders. Be sure to save me a seat at a bar.


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