Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rachael's Underground

Yesterday was a very bizarre day. I started much differently than I ended the night, I went from bad to terrible to drunk, and my plan to feel better about everything is now a massive headache. But let's rewind.

Getting fired from my job surprisingly wasn't the low part of my day. I was actually okay with the news, because it wasn't exactly my fault and I do have a bit of a buffer now to find something else. And now, with my boss's permission, I can work from home any day I want and do whatever I want (while still getting paid) until December. I wasn't the biggest fan of the job anyways, so now maybe this will give me the chance to find something better. Or something.

Quite tired from this whole week I still forced myself to go to class after work and sat through my usual crazy French class and then on to "Writing about Pop Music." I should love this class, but I dread going to it. We're now talking about race and politics in music. I just wanted to take a nap.

On the subway ride home I started listening to Ray Lamontagne and for some reason it made me all sorts of emotional. I hadn't listened to that album in awhile. I think it was Ari who recommended it to me way back when. Those songs just break my heart. And if you know me, outside of the blog, you know I'm not the most emotional person but perhaps its the stress or lack of sleep but needless to say, I was getting some strange looks on the subway.

Welcome to the low point of my day. I am a psychotic email checker, so the first thing I do, even before the coat comes off is check it. I had been waiting to announce the last band for the show on November 18 because the band that's on the cover still had yet to confirm. They are currently in the UK on the NME tour and are doing quite well over there. But we'd prefer them at home. Turns out their latest single comes out in the UK the same week as my show and now they wont be able to be back in time. Big bummer. Karen and I have decided we will just have to kidnap them, but in the meantime I feel like a complete failure.

Don't worry. I'll cook up something special in time for the show.

So needless to say it was 4 PM, I had a shit day, so I cracked open a bottle of wine. Halfway through I realized I should get my act together if I had planned on still going out that night. And any open bar that night was calling my name. Luckily, Nora is up to some crazy things at the new LES venue/bar Fat Baby so that's where the night began. The place is beautiful and still smelled like a new car. I ran into the boys from The Go Station there and Matt told me that he'd bullshit on stage if I needed him to play on the 18th. Something about a Storytellers if I remember correctly. I appreciated the gesture but I had exactly one hour to chug as many cranberry and vodkas as I could. I was on a mission.

My gals Becca and Liz were my partners in crime for the evening. We jetted out of Fat Baby at a little after 10, and being the compulsive one that I am, I made them hustle in case we were missing The Diggs at Scenic. We weren't. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by Tim and Charlie at the bar. It was nice to see the boys again, and they automatically were my favorite people ever-- they are still playing on the 18th. No need to worry.

A couple cigs and a PBR later we headed downstairs for the show. This was the point where I should have stopped drinking, but in my mind this was just the beginning. Liz and Becca had heard enough of my sob stories, I'm sure. Luckily the A Brief Smile boys came on my recommendation to check out the Diggs and I had the chance to tell my hell story again. And again. It's a good thing Scenic is loud. It forced me to finally shut up.

Sheesh, this post is getting quite lengthy, huh? Ok so The Diggs rocked my world like they always do. This band is musically yummy. (Yes I said it). After taking some pictures in the front I retreated to the back to belt out their tunes. It was far far too much fun. They ended the set with the beautiful "Trouble Everyday." I think I had a tear in my eye somewhere.

The Diggs @ Scenic

Jerry popped up, just like a Yeti would, and he appeared to be a couple drinks ahead of me. I again relayed my sob story (Liz was rolling her eyes by now) and Jerry felt my pain. Or at least he was nice enough to pretend to. The A Brief Smile boys took off, with a thumbs up on the The Diggs. I do what I can to spread the word.

So while I had been up front pretending to be a member of the paparazzi during The Diggs's set, Liz had been by the bar working her PR magic. She met Mike, who is not only in Autumn Thieves but also heads up Loveless Music Group. Of course she told me none of this, so when he started giving me suggestions on how to run the magazine, I basically gave him a big fuck you. Then his band went on stage. And then I felt like an idiot.

During their set, I ran into Robert, who is the owner of Scenic. He had worked the door on the first Underrated show. It was good to see him again and I congratulated him on the new place. He gave Liz and I a free round...always the way to my heart.

Luckily Liz and I ran into Mike later, and I apologized for my outburst. He seemed to take it in stride and we chatted about perhaps teaming a Loveless and Underrated concoction in the future. First good news of the night. When I finally knew it was time to say no to another beer, Liz was perhaps relieved. We both decided that a subway ride would not be good for me, and knowing my luck I'd probably get another ticket. So I paid for the cab ride back to Brooklyn, even though I am currently unemployed. The driver let me smoke in the car, which was like heaven served on a plate for me at that point. I needed to get to bed and have this day be over.

Waking up this morning didn't feel much better. Alas, enough of my whining. Tonight We Are Scientists shall be my great escape.


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