Friday, October 14, 2005

Je ne comprends rien

I'm glad you all enjoyed the Rainy Day mix yesterday, but it didn't seem to bring out the sun, just yet. I hear good things for the weekend. It better happen.

If there's anything that I learned from last night is that when I attend free shows, I seem to have to compensate by drinking triple the ticket price. And it's never a good idea to start that at 7 PM. Waking up for la classe de francias ce matin and spending the afternoon at work is harder than usual. Mais, c'est la vie. And it's Friday. Thank god.

From work I headed downtown and met Chrissy at Sin-E for my second Beat Radio(and apparently their fourth) show. It was a hundred times more enjoyable to see this band with a packed house. While the performance itself was the same, everything sounds so much better with people around you. Good for them for getting the word out, they deserve it. But they do not deserve any sort of hype backlash, so let's move on..

Beat Radio @ Sin-E

From there we grabbed a bite to eat and met Conor over at Scenic for more drinks before we moved downstairs. Conor and I discussed this week's Lost episode in great detail, while Chrissy looked at us like we were crazy. Conor said farewell, and Chrissy and I headed downstairs just in time for Saints + Lovers. I have been listening to their recordings for a little while now, but was my first time seeing this band live. What a treat. They are intricately detailed in every note, and each song raised the bar on all my expectations. And even with Scenic's less than great sound system (I was impressed with it during CMJ, but last night it was iffy), they were fantastic. And with a voice like that, I could listen for hours.

Saints + Lovers @ Scenic

Liz met us half way through the set, and like the good friend that Liz is, she kept me there afterwards for a couple more drinks. I tried to sort out the rest of my life, while she tried to sort out her interview for the next day. We like to keep things in perspective.

Tonight everything seems to be pointing towards Mercury Lounge where they have quite the lineup: The End of the World, Levy, The Head Set, and Aberdeen City. Looks like another late night.

Now I'm trying to contemplate if I have enough time to go home after work for a much needed nap beforehand. Decisions, decisions.


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