Wednesday, April 12, 2006

22 Grand Job | The Rakes

In exactly four weeks I will be a college graduate. For 3 years and 300 days, I was completely ready to graduate. Now, reality has set in and the job search is kicking my ass. There are some really ridiculous positions out there that I, sadly, am considering applying for.

This is one I found on craigs list. I am NOT applying for it. (I can't cook).

Duties include but are not limited to the following:

1. Make me a light breakfast (easy cooking)
2. Steam vegetables and possible some light cooking on foreman grill daily
2. Wash dishes or use dishwasher.
3. Get mail daily (mail stuff)
4. Run errands daily (buy stuff, deliver stuff, etc.)
5. Light cleaning of certain areas of office
6. Coordinate laundry and dry cleaning
7. Burn tivo down to DVDs
8. Filing and organizing of receipts and other items
9. Breaking down and removing recycling
10. Take out trash
11. Letting people in and out of office (cleaning people, contractors, etc.)
12. Order stuff online
13. Receive Fresh Direct deliveries
14. Manage calendar (easy updating online)
15. Stock up on necessities
16. Basic grocery shopping (besides fresh direct)
17. Basic online research
18. Assist current Personal Assistant if necessary

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