Monday, April 3, 2006

April 7 Show Update

Hey guys,

Remember how much fun it was when Editors kept changing their venue up until the last minute?


Yeah. Well, it seems to be happening to us over at Underrated as well.

We were confirmed for Fontana's, but as of Saturday, that no longer seemed to matter. I'm extremely sorry for all the confusion. It's giving me a huge headache, so I imagine it is doing the same for you as well.

As of now, the show is in risk of being canceled, unless we get everything confirmed from our new venue today. It's a huge bummer because the lineup was one of my favorites and it was bound to be a fantastic night of music. We want to make sure we keep to our promise with free admission and open bar, but also to make sure the bands are happy.

I will keep you posted when everything is 100% confirmed. Until then, stay tuned.

Again, I’m so sorry for all the confusion. You know it's not (always) my style.



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