Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Oh mon dieu!

So I'm in French class this morning, staring off into space (I have a month left of college, mind you) when I see a little IM icon grace my sidekick. While our professor (who is a year older than me, mind you) is writing some ridiculous grammar on the board, I stealthily check to see what someone could have to say to me this early in the morn'. It was Jerry with a link to some Tom Vek news. This perked me right up, as I clicked the link and waited for it to load his blog.

It's a little screen, this sidekick, so you have to scroll down a lot. So I'm scrolling away underneath my French workbook (so as not to be seen and subsequently had a ruler smacked at me...I kid) and then I see the headline:

Tom Vek Only Has One Testicle

I gasped. Loudly. So loud in fact that my professor stopped speaking, and the room turned around to see what was up. So naturally i hit my water bottle to the ground and mumbled something in French to the effect that there was a bug.

"Désolé, j'ai pensé que j'ai vu une insecte, désolé"

A certain je ne sais quoi look on my professors face and then she went back to teaching. I went back to the sidekick.

Luckily after some scrolling (and a little drooling over Tom's shirt that says "Just Do Me" (um, okay, call me), I realized that Mr. Yeti had made a clever little joke. Turns out he's teamed up with ONE of the TEST ICICLES for a little side project that is no different than some college students playing together while drinking a beer on the weekend. A little different I'd say.

I can't listen to anything on myspace at work so how do they sound?

Jerry says one thumb (or testicle, I suppose) up.

This blog just got a little dirtier.

In completely unrelated news, it's quite cold outside in New York today. What happened to spring?

This still warms me right up:


roy_khoury12 said...

haha :D thats funny :P

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