Sunday, April 2, 2006

March 2006 Recap

In case you missed it, my favorite tracks from March! (only two days late, bear with me)

  • The Stills - In The Beginning
    First track off of Without Feathers. Wasn't the hugest fan at first, but over the month it has grown on me. Heard good things about their shows in Austin. Looking forward to hearing the updated lineup this week.

  • Snowden - Anti-Anti
    Congrats to the band for signing with Jade Tree. So deserved. This new track has become a bit of an obsession. Can't wait to see how this band progresses. It's been fantastic thus far.

  • Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail
    This band is growing on me by the minute. One of the most interesting albums I've heard in a long time, What the Toll Tells is an act of indie rock cabaret in all its glory. One of my personal highlights of SXSW, and "Las Cruces Jail" is incredibly engaging.

  • Tom Vek - Things Are Here To Stay
    I refuse to go a month without mentioning Tom Vek. So here's a new B-Side for us all to enjoy.

  • The Head Set - Enemies
    I can't quite understand why everyone isn't going nuts about this band. One of the best live shows from a local band, I am consistently impressed each time I see them. Now all we need is some new recordings. But until then, I'll still replay the old stuff over and over and over and over again.

  • Islands - Swans
    This is what great music sounds like today. Enough said.

  • Field Music - I'm Tired
    A surprise favorite of mine at this year's SXSW. A new perfectly pop formulated UK band that is giving the Futureheads a run for the money.

  • The Sharp Things - I'll Always Be Your Loser, Honey
    Sometimes I fear that I'll run out of good local bands to report on. And yet, I haven't. The Sharp Things have enough people on stage to create chaos, but somehow it provides beautifully clever music that is easy on the ears.

  • Sound Team - Your Eyes Are Liars
    My favorite track I've heard from this new buzz band. It's finally converted me. I'm hooked.

  • Love Is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up
    I can't even explain how awesome their show at Knitting Factory was. So just listen and try to imagine 200 sweaty bodies jumping around like idiots to this eclectic indie pop. That'll give you some idea.

  • Birdmonster - Spaceman
    How many times have I listened to the Birdmonster debut No Midnight? You'd be alarmed to find out (hint=three of the tracks have already made my top 25 in less than week). "Spaceman" is just one of the amazing tracks off this incredible debut. It closes the album, and the last part of this song is genius. Genius, I say. Genius.


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