Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some notes about your Tuesday evenings...

Frequently Asked Questions about "Get On Your Dancing Shoes"

1. Do I really have to wear special shoes to attend this event?
Although we do suggest wearing comfortable shoes, it is not a requirement. However, be prepared to be on your feet all night as the music will get you up and moving. Ever see Weekend at Bernie’s II? It's kind of like that. DJ Rachael wears comfortable shoes, in fact, tonight she's wearing some that resemble ballet shoes. So she really is wearing her dancing shoes.

2. Do I have to dance?
Yes, and the funky chicken is allowed, contrary to rumors.

3. Do you take requests?
Contrary to what we've heard about DJs in the lower east side, DJ Rachael is up to hear what you have on your mind. If she has it, chances are she'll play it, but keep in mind that she lives in Brooklyn and schleps around her CD case all day from school to class and then down to Pianos. So she doesn't have every CD possible. But if you ask nicely, and she doesn't have it, she'll make sure that next week it makes the rounds.

4. Does DJ Rachael only play pretentious indie dance rock that none of us have heard but she swears is the next big thing?
Maybe. But that's just because she's better than you because she's a blogger. Let's see what she has on file for tonight....hmmm I see some Ace of Base, some Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and Fall Out Boy...mixed with all that indie rock that you haven't heard of that she swears is the next big thing. So come expecting a fun mixture of both old and new, both underrated and overrated. It's like a cornucopia of music.

5. Will I find my soul mate at "Get On Your Dancing Shoes"?
There's a very good possibility. In fact, I just called up my psychic and she said you will meet the (wo)man of your dreams tonight, but only if you dance. So it's up to you.

6. Will there be celebrities present?
Besides DJ Rachael? Besides a particular girl who is known for her robot moves? Well, fine you-US Weekly-obsessed freak. The first week we had three. Last week there were zero. So it's really up in the air whether those A-listers decide to make an appearance. But we can promise that every week is something special, like band's afterparties or special guest DJs. In fact, in a couple of weeks on of our favorite comedians will be joining DJ Rachael on decks. We can't tell you exactly who, but let's just say he's an A.

7. Can you lend me 50 bucks?
I wish! One day we will hopefully be bathing ourselves in dollar bills, so we'd be happy to lend you a couple green ones (before we bathe, we promise). But for now we can just rock your socks off each week with NO COVER. Of course, alcohol does help the whole dancing factor so you may need to shell out a couple bucks (and make sure you tip the bartenders). But trust us, it's one of the best deals in town (after Piano's happy hour bar menu of course).

8. Why start so late on a Tuesday night? Don't you have work the next day?
Well yes, we all do. But there's a very good reason for this. Right before us our brothers from another mother, aka those kids from Cross Pollination put on their weekly party featuring two of the best singer/songwriters in town. There's this crazy surprise at the end of each week right before DJ Rachael takes the stage, something that only the name signifies. Intrigued ? I thought so. Plus, it's free.

9. Where do babies come from?
Two people who meet at "Get On Your Dancing Shoes" and never look back.

10. It's Tuesday, and I know I'm supposed to be somewhere. Can you help?
That's what we are here for. Pianos is located at the corner of Ludlow & Stanton. "Get On Your Dancing Shoes" is at the upstairs lounge. Just follow the tunes.

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