Friday, April 14, 2006

While I'm Gone

I'm leaving for the weekend tomorrow. My sister has taken my parent's role (above and beyond neccessary) while they live thei lives overseas. She even called me to ask if I wanted a bottle of vodka. Something tells me she sees me in a very particular light.

While I'm away there's some shows to note for Saturday Night.

  • The Hard Tomorrows play Arlene's Grocery. Go see them for me, please! These Washington DC boys don't come up nearly enough to pick a weekend that I'm not here.

  • The Diggs play Sin-E. I miss seeing these guys. It's been too long. And with a last minute addition of Kinetic, I'm beginning to wonder if my sister will miss me.

  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah play Bowery. Love them or hate them, they've got something going on thats worthy of the buzz. You have to admit that. I have to admit that I sold my tickets. I was excited to see them play Bowery. The sound will work for them.

    Sigh. Oh well. Happy Holidays to all!

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