Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Oh Shoplifter | The Stills

Yesterday was a big bummer, but I plan to ease my pain by dancing up a storm tonight at "Get On Your Dancing Shoes." You too? Awesome!


Pick one:
a. A Stills fan who can't wait for the new album?
b. A Stills fan who is going to their show tomorrow night at Merc and need a place to hang after?
c. Someone who has never heard of the Stills
d. Someone who doesn't particularly care for The Stills but loves anything you can dance to
e. Someone who is in love with Rachael?

If you are any of the above (and face it, you have to be at least one), come to Pianos Upstairs Lounge for the second installment of "Get On Your Dancing Shoes" the best weekly party where DJ Rachael spins everything underrated and overrated.

Guaranteed to make you dance.

Come early for Cross Pollination, where two of NYC's finest singer/songwriters showcase their talent with a special twist at the end. This week: Issac Wardell and Cheyenne will perform, starting at 7:30.

And then: stay late for the best night of your life.

Your wednesday mornings will never be the same.

New Stills!!!
  • The Stills - Oh Shoplifter
  • The Stills - In The Beginning


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