Tuesday, April 4, 2006

This Week

Sunday night I go to sleep at 11 PM. Maybe 11:15. (Right after Gray's and Sopranos, of course). Why, you ask? Why am I such a tool that I go to sleep so early? Well, it's my rest for the week! Just take a look at what's going on...

"Get On Your Dancing Shoes" Duh.

The Stills @ Mercury.

Night 1 of A Brief Smile's residency at Fat Baby. Be there, or else I won't be your friend anymore. I mean it this time.

Seth Kallen plays Lion's Den. He's showcasing new material. He gave me a listen and I must saw I was quite impressed. A complete departure from his earlier material. I'm excited to hear more.

And then I head on over to Piano's because The Gaskets are playing a late night show. I felt bad that I had to cancel on them, so I hooked them up with a show, starting at 11:30. BE THERE.

Mr. Yeti has got the ticket link and more MP3's and is, quite possibly, their biggest fan.

See! I needed my sleep.


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