Thursday, April 6, 2006

Skip To The End | Futureheads

I've been itching to hear new songs from one of my favorite live acts, The Futureheads. Yeserday, it was announced that their follow up album, News and Tributes will be released on June 13 by Vagrant/ StarTime International.

Track listing:
Skip To The End
News And Tributes
Return Of the Berserker
Back To The Sea
Worry About It Later
Favours For Favours
Help Us Out*
We Cannot Lose*

* Tracks 13-15 are taken from the previously released EP, Area, and are only
available as a limited release on the first run of this LP.

Looks like we'll be getting some tour dates soon, too. But until then, here's the first single off the album. It's got those same catchy hooks and inviting harmonies, but it looks like the guys have matured, just a bit. They've started expiermenting with some different beats. Totally pumped for this album. I think the best is on it's way from this band.

  • The Futureheads - Skip To The End


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