Thursday, April 6, 2006

I Have No Sister | Oh No! Oh My!

Sometimes it's good to be home schooled.

One of my favorite new bands of the '06 is Oh No! Oh My!, a creation from two home schooled buddies out of Nashville. There have been some changes over the years (depressing music into happy indie pop, Jolly Rogers into Oh No! Oh My!) but they've seemed to hit their mark. I bought their two EPs (Jolly Rogers and Oh No! Oh My!) about a month ago. It was the best $3 I've ever spent in my entire life.

I have been known to post about the same bands over and over again. This is post #3 for the band. I don't care. If I have to post over and over again to persuade you to love them as much as I do, then so be it. But seriously, I'm telling you -- you've got to hear this band.

But there's a point to posting about them today (and not just because I sincerely love them). Their EP's, although fabulous, were burned copies of unmastered takes. Now, for only $7 more, they are sending out their 11-track CD, complete with album art-work (although I appreciated the hand scribbled titles on their EPs too). Pre-Order it on their website by clicking on "Shop!" Take a listen to some of their other tracks they have up there for free too.

You will be convinced. I guarantee it.

But in case you need their reasons:

1. The overall "sonic" quality is much better. This is the album as we intend for you to hear it. The Pre-Release was a bunch of rough mixes thrown on a CD-R.

2. There's 2 brand new songs, entitled, Farewell To All My Friends, and The Backseat. I'm extremely proud of how those two turned out, most especially the latter, which is a deeply personal song for myself. I think it possibly conveys a more developed and "thought out" sound than some of the other songs.

3. It's been Mastered by one of my super favorite fact...the very person we named our band after a song of his. Ryland from The Robot Ate Me.

4. The Pre-Release was a way for people to evaluate our music...and mainly...just get people interested. So hopefully, if you like it, you'll be willing to support us.

5. If people don't buy the official release...we can't really afford to make more music...or make cool things like T-Shirts. No, we're not selling it for dirt cheap (although I think it is significantly cheaper than almost any other full length CD you'll find out there)...but the profits just go towards us being able to make more music for your ears....

6. Ms. Laura Park made some INCREDIBLY amazing artwork that blows my mind. The front...the back...the inside. It's just so...amazingly awesome. And it is 5 billion times better than a cruddy old CD-R that says "Maxwell" on it.

7. You'll be helping out 3 really nice guys...who love to make music...and hope to do this for a living one day...and up till now, we've been working day jobs to pay to make music. It'd be nice if one day our day job could be making music...and wouldn't take that many people to buy CD's...I think I figured....3000? Oh to dream...

8. If enough people buy CD's...we'll be able to actual tour and play shows for people this year! And how amazing would that be?? And you could actually meet us, and see how quiet and reserved we really are...

That's all I can think of right now..although I know some of those were kind of the same thing...but oh well. So...tell your friends. We're only making an initial run of 250, to see how good of a response we receive. After I DO receive CD's back from the manufacturer...the price will go up $2. So, buy it now, and save some money!

My new favorite song off their EP (it changes daily, they are all so good):

  • Oh No! Oh My! - I Have No Sister


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