Friday, April 14, 2006

Transition Mode

We're unveiling the new website on Monday, so that means I can't really write a normal post. Why? Because my head is so congested it may explode all over my computer and I've forgotten what my apartment looks like underneath the piles of clothes, CDs, books, and magazines. But this is all you need to know:

  • Check back Monday. You are going to be redirected to a secret location (aka where you will be wowed, dazzled, and forced to send me nice emails where you say how much you love the new website. As of then, we'll have you under our control for the rest of your life.
  • Yesterday was over 70 degrees. I cut my hair short. It's officially spring.
  • Wine + Nyquil = throwing my alarm out the window and then realizing I should probably get up.
  • My soon to be alma matter consists of an administration of idiots. In the same day I get a notice saying I'm graduating with honors and another notice saying I'm not graduation because I haven't fulfilled my requirements. Gerat.
  • Someone needs to give me a job. I'm a catch.
  • I went to some shows this week that deserve some sort of writeup. They will get it soon. But for now, we have pictures:

    The Upwelling @ Pianos:

    Joe Whyte and Alexander Seier @ Cross Pollination:

    A Brief Smile @ Fat Baby:


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