Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Voxtrot @ Mercury Lounge

[photo via baonguyen's flickr]

So I've felt like an old lady lately, getting tired at 9 PM and not really feeling any crazy nights out. But as soon as Voxtrot started playing last night (opening with "Mother Sisters Daughters & Wives mp3), I immediately became a little girl. They make me giddy, in the best way possible, and I came to the conclusion last night that this band is my boyband in the indie rock realm.

Let me explain. They are perfectly crafted pop songs, and all that’s missing is choreographed dance moves. Ramesh's bouncing is half way there. Their songs scream sing alongs and judging from the two under-18 girls in front of me and the young drunkity drunk drunk gal that jumped on stage, they are well on their way to breaking young girls' hearts.

Despite some technical issues and my incessant yawning (not a fault of the band), it was an enjoyable show. Not the best out of the five that I've now got under my belt, but they really could do no wrong in my eyes. As long as they keep playing those god damn great songs, I'll go see them time and time again. Maybe I can be a Voxtrot-bopper, or a Teenie-Voxtrot. Eh, whatever. I'm a fan.

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