Monday, April 10, 2006

Rise Up In The Dirt | Voxtrot

Voxtrot @ Magnetic Field

You would think that seeing a band three times in four days would be enough for maybe a month. Yeah, not with me. I'm counting down the hours today until I get to see Voxtrot play at Mercury tonight. So excited. There are very few bands that get me so giddy, a result of perfectly crafted happy-go-lucky pop songs.

Part of me was going to go both nights (the band played Mercury last night as well), but that could have been considered overkill. So instead I just listened to both EPs all night. Cause that's ok too.

Voxtrot, tonight, Mercury Lounge, SOLD OUT.

If you aren't one of the lucky ones to see them, you can buy their EP's here.

And if you are one of those lucky ones, put on your game faces. It's time to dance.

  • Voxtrot - Rise Up In The Dirt (live on KEXP)


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