Friday, December 9, 2005

And I cut my hair off for you...

I decided to declare today a snow day. It's ok to skip class (didn't get to do my work anyways) and work from home. I think I deserve it.

This week was nutty. The Subways came and invaded my life, and I welcomed them with open arms. Last night was a solid lineup at Mercury Lounge. It started early so I didn't have a chance to go home after work. I completely lost track of time (ahem, myspace) and it wasn't until Becca called me at 6:30 wondering where I was that I realized what time it was. So I hopped on the subway, met her down on Houston and we grabbed some pizza before the show. I wanted to make sure I got there in time for Snowden but when we got to Mercury, Group Sounds hadn't given in their guest list yet. So no entry for us. Ok, we headed up to 2A for Happy Hour instead.

By the time we made it back, we had missed Snowden and The Twenty Twos. I was bummed. But I found Jordan (lead singer of Snowden) and finally introduced myself. He liked my scarf; I like his band. Then he said my hair was now a different red, and I am confused on how he knew. Oh well. It was time for The Upwelling.

The show wasn't my favorite, for no particular reason other than the fact that I was focused on Ari's hair most of the time. My goodness, it has gotten long. Let's recollect:


The Upwelling @ Mercury

I don't know if you can tell from that picture, but it's gotten a bit out of control. In fact, it's kinda looking like this guy:

The Upwelling can do no wrong in my book (for the most part). The songs sound better than ever, even including some interesting jams at the end of songs like "In Her Arms/Sam" that really show off the musical talent. I'm digging a new track that I think is called "Evil" something. But my suggestion is to cut that hair because clearly, I was distracted.

Group Sounds followed soon after, and we were informed from the get go that it was "Sexy" Joe's 21st birthday. Got it. I expected the band to play an enjoyable set, but I found myself having a blast. People were dancing around, cheering "I love Sexy Joe!" (that was Becca) and then all was off. Sexy Joe took it all off, to roaring cheers. These guys are crazy, and I like it.
Group Sounds @ Mercury

Bec and I stuck around Mercury for a bit afterwards. All Becca wanted to do was talk to the "naked man" while I just nodded and smiled. The Upwelling were off to drive to Maryland that night for a show tomorrow afternoon, and offered to drive me to the Q train on Canal, cutting out one subway line. I was ever so appreciative. I got home and as soon as I walked in the door I was in bed and fast asleep. It's been quite the week, but it's not over yet.

The Diggs are releasing their debut album (which is fabulous) tonight at Sin-E. If you haven't seen this guys, go now! Run through the snow if you have to...

Top 25 songs of 2005 coming up TODAY!


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