Thursday, December 8, 2005

Oh Yeah

I apologize if this week is coming off like a Subways fan page, but I can't help it. I fucking love this band. (I rarely use profanities, but I felt like it was necessarily this time). I've interviewed a good number of musicians that I admire, and they have (almost) all gone extremely well. For some reason, as I was leaving my apartment yesterday, I anticipated this interview not to go well. I assumed the band would be cocky, matching their rowdiness that I've watched on stage. I was afraid to ask the personal questions, knowing that they must get them all the time. Fortunately all that was not the case.

I got to Northsix extremely late but it was ok because the band was behind schedule with soundcheck and a photo shoot. I hung out for a bit when their manager told me they were going to grab dinner before the show and I could come along. Charlotte will have to do a phone interview, but I can sit down with Billy for as long as I need. I was introduced to the band and they were all grins. Billy was wearing super cool shoes (what is with me and lead singer's shoes?) and that broke the ice. I chatted with him on the way about the magazine and the show last night and he couldn't have been more interested. We were stopped by some girls on the street who apparently had watched The OC. He stopped for a picture. Now I couldn't help but grin.

I'll post the interview next week after I transcribe it this weekend (along with cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, and all the other tasks I've put off this week). I know this sounds cliché and obvious, but Billy Lunn couldn't have been a nicer person. He was so down to earth and immediately felt like I was talking to someone I know. They felt that the show at Rothko went well, which I had to disagree after I shared my experience of going to their show this summer in London. However, Billy said that they expected that sort of crowd in New York and they still had a blast. For them, it's refreshing to have to start from ground zero. They like to wake up in the morning and know that they are earning every minute of being here.

The Subways interview

Oh and Billy and Charlotte aren't "officially" engaged, although they will spend the rest of their life together. They are the type of people to just run off and get married. And the song they would dance to at their wedding is Bon Jovi "Living On A Prayer." You can't make this sort of stuff up.

So I said my goodbyes and got my CD signed like the little fan I am. I headed back to North Six and enjoyed the open bar until Wes arrived to hear the wonder that is The Subways.

I knew there was a reason I moved to Brooklyn. Brooklyn people are just cooler. Forget all those hipster connotations (they definitely don't exist in my neighborhood) because when people go to a show in Brooklyn, they actually know how to have a good time. Thank god for that because the crowd at Rothko the night before caused me to consider a grand exodus out of this city. But no, the show last night was much much better. There were hands in their air, people singing along, and EVEN a mosh pit during "Rock & Roll Queen"! I chilled in the back for this one, but it was great to see The Subways getting the kind of energy they provide us on stage somewhat thrown back at them.

The Subways @ North Six

The set list was exactly the same and the band was just as good. I'm sad they have to leave, but Billy says they will be back to tour the US in March. Learn the songs, people!

Set: With You/City Pavement/I Want To Hear What You Have To Say/She Sun/Oh Yeah/Holiday/1 AM/Mary/No Goodbyes/Rock & Roll Queen

Tonight!: Snowden, The Twenty Twos, The Upwelling, and Group Sounds @ Mercury.

I'm getting tired.

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