Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Start Of Something

I persuaded my professor to give me an extension on my final paper, explaining how much extensive research I had been conducting and needed the extra time to sort through it. Research last night was going to see Voxtrot at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn. I missed their show at Mercury and wasn't originally planning on going last night. But Jerry insisted I go, for research purposes, this was perfect example of the latest "buzz band."

Yes, everyone seems to be buzzing about this band from Austin, Texas. Everyone is talking about how they aren't signed to a label. And then everyone was talking about their tour van breaking down and thus canceling the rest of their tour. (Read the explanation from the band here). But lucky for us New Yorkers, this meant we got to see another show. So I bundled up and made my way through Brooklyn, and went to see what all the talk was about.

Voxtrot @ Magnetic Field

Magnetic Field was quite cozy to say the least, and yet had an impressive beer selection that made this little Magic Hat satisfied. Everyone was there early enough to get their fill before the band took the stage to a packed corner. Although the setup of the venue was a bit awkward the sound was absolutely impeccable. It took the band a couple songs to really get into it, but once they did, the spark was there, literally. You could see the fire in the lead singer's eyes as he played the tunes. I had listened to Voxtrot's EP a good number of times and liked it. But hearing it live last night was a completely new experience. They through in some new stuff too, but ended the night off with "Missing Pieces." By the time their set was over, the crowd was sweaty and satisfied.

Voxtrot @ Magnetic Field

Mission Find Out If Voxtrot Lives Up To The Hype: Complete

  • Voxtrot - The Start Of Something

    And don't forget! Tinselfrenzy! is tonight at Rothko, doors opening at 7:30 PM. Nora promises home baked cookies and rock music, so clearly it is not an occasion to be missed. She also gives us a track from each performer, so check them out here. Get into the holiday spirit, now, dammit!

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