Friday, December 9, 2005

Underrated Top 25 (er 28) Songs of 2005

Everyone seems to be doing their recaps of this year in music, and I must say it was an exciting year. For me, I'm a song kind of gal. Anyone who knows me know how obsessive I am about my mixes and how often I create one. It's my favorite past-time and one that I have been doing since I was a youngster (remember tapes?) Don't get me wrong, I completely respect and admire albums. But when I think back on a year it's songs that stick out to me.

At first I thought this would be simple. Just take my 25 most played on my iTunes. But then again my top 25 have a bunch of repeats so I began to scratch the brain and add songs here and there. Then I edited. And re-edited. Then I had over 50 songs and had to narrow it down. Then I had 25 done but when I would be on the subway or walking around I'd totally remember a new one. But I think I have it, and it had to be 28 because I couldn't and wouldn't get rid of any of these. And I know there is still others that I feel are worthy. Oh well, maybe I’ll have another list before year’s end.

Take a listen, support these fabulous artists, and let me know what you think.

In no particular order (I know, I know, I'm a wimp!):

  • Tom Vek - A Little Word In Your Ear
    If I had to pick an album of the year, We Have Sound would be my #1. (After that, I couldn't tell you). Tom Vek is my new hero. He's an extremely talented artist and engineer that has provided the world with a solid debut. Every song is as enjoyable as the last, but "A Little World In Your Ear" brings the entire album together. (Are you surprised I didn't choose "Cover"? Me too.) From the opening guitar lines and the beat, you are immediately drawn in. The lyrics are innocent and fun, yet introspective as well. You can't help but groove. And at 2:33 in this song, Vek let's it all go. And I love him for that.

  • Nightmare of You - My Name Is Trouble
    I was convinced this song somehow had subliminal messages in it or was laced with crack. I was addicted after the first listen. I spent the month of August playing it for anyone who would listen, of all musical tastes and sophistication and every single person wanted to hear it again. It's undeniably catchy, but somewhat dark. Brandon Reilly is a true lyricist, combining the beats of words together to fit with the music. It's kinda like Lays Chips, you can't listen just once.

  • The Picture - Blind Side
    I remember getting this song from Nora before I left for London this summer. It was one of those that I just threw on the old iPod and forgot about it. It kept coming on and I would literally stop and check to see who it was time and time again. This song is one of those feel-good songs that you want to sing out. It's got fabulous build up and wailing guitars. The chorus is perfectly paced, and structurally and musically this song just works.

  • The Changes - When I Wake
    You just don't hear many bands like The Changes anymore, and definitely any songs like "When I Wake." It's straightforward pop, but with some sort of crazy twist. (Must be something in the Chicago water) You have to listen to every single layer of this song, because even though it seems like a simple little tune, it's incredibly crafted. But you can tell this started with the melody of the chorus, because everything seems to be built upon that. Not that I have any idea how to write a song, but if I did, I'd hope I could write something like this.

  • Cordalene - Kissed Awake
    This is a newbie favorite, but worthy of this list. Cordalene has quickly risen to the top of must-sees after just two shows. The Philly-based band has struck gold with this little ditty called "Kissed Awake," right from that drum-beat/vocal beginning. But add in some craziness with a chorus and you'll be screaming ooooh yes. Then dance around like an idiot and you will be set. Jumping is probably a good idea too. Lead singer Mike Kiley sings "The movement you create will feed the melodies I make." He couldn't be more right.

  • The Long Winters - Blue Diamons
    A little less upbeat then most of the other songs up here, but sometimes we need to chill out. This is a good one for that, but still with a good melody and some clever instrumentals. The bass line pummels through the entire song to keep you consistent, and the lyrics are welcoming a singalong. This band's album is a superb effort and worth a complete listen. But I'm doing songs, so I'll shh.

  • A Brief Smile - And So It Begins
    I had a hard time deciding between the two new tracks that A Brief Smile graced us with this year. "And So It Begins" showed the greatest improvement by the band in an epic way while "We Could Get in Trouble" prevailed on the most plays. And while this song is meant to heard live and loud, on record you can really listen to each part that these talented musicians blend together in one song. The drumming really shines through more so on this track than any others, and the pounding keyboards bring their sound to a new level. Add in some wailing vocals and soaring guitars and you have A Brief Smile. But then again you can listen less intently and sing along at the top of your lungs. That, in my opinion, makes for a great song.

  • Editors - Munich
    The number of times I requested this song in London this summer was a bit excessive, but there's nothing like losing yourself in a drunken dance on a packed dance floor while listening to "Munich." I had arguments, er discussions, with many a folk who claim these guys are just an Interpol ripoff. I disagree. While I love Interpol, Editors bring a new level of intensity to their songs. And you don't need to remix them to dance to. Yes, vocally the two bands are similar but the songs are hard to compare. This one was the first Editors song I heard so I hold it in a special place in my heart. Take a couple shots and head to a crowded club. Request this and you will be the happiest person alive. Okay, maybe that's just me.

  • The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now
    From the minute I heard this song, I knew it was an instant favorite. For me, this is right up my alley. The Cloud Room are a local band that I missed out on for sometime. But now I'll go see them every chance I can get, and especially for this song. They bring up their fans and have them dance on stage. And why not? You gotta sing along, you gotta dance, and why not do it right there with the band that is playing it. Maybe next time, I'll join them.

  • Snowden - Good News
    I had a heard time picking a Snowden track for the year. This EP that I was sent (in a very pretty package) was a remarkable listen from start to finish. It's completely fresh and innovative and is one of those EPs that honestly bring you into the mind of the songs. But "Good News" also just plain rocks. The vocals are up there with that little band Radiohead, but the song as a whole is a transitive mood. It brings you up, then brings you down. But make sure you stay along for the ride.

  • The Futureheads - Hounds of Love
    There's nothing more thrilling for me than seeing an entire crowd sing along to a song. I've been witness to it in venues both big and small, with bands of the same popularity. I can't imagine what that feels like for a performer. When I was in Dublin this summer I caught The Futureheads at Oxegen Festival in a mid-sized tent. It was ungodly hot for Ireland temperatures and everyone was crammed in, beer in hand. The Futureheads opened with this song and the crowd when nuts. Those "oh oh ohs" roared through the crowd, in perfect time and tone. It was incredible. I had chills, and still do, everytime I listen to this song.

  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Head Games
    Beauty is in the simplicity. This song is hardly complicated, which I can imagine is almost harder for songwriters to create a tune and melody that is simple in its nature. The Five O'Clock Heroes hit it with this one, one of the many from their EP that I have had on repeat since early summer. They graced the cover of Underrated, took over the UK, and get ready for them to take over the US. They could be an "it" band, a "buzz band" or whatever connotation you want to throw at them. But they know how to write good songs, ones that you will remember. Don't forget that.

  • Aberdeen City - Pretty Pet
    Aberdeen City is an interesting story, not only in how they have now blown up on the College Radio and Independent Music Scene, but with my own little tale. I got an advance of their CD before I left for London this summer. I thought I had packed it with the rest of my CDs that I was bringing with me. I really dug their live show that I saw months earlier. When I arrived, and unpacked, it was nowhere to be found. It wasn't until my last week of traveling, when I was somewhere in Scotland that I was looking through my bags that it appeared. There it was. I immeditately uploaded it and listened to it on my flight to Dublin. It wasn't at all what I expected, and I don't know why I expected something different. But it was a combination of every genre that you want it to be. They even have violins for goodness sake! Then I went to Chicago and found out friends of my sister went to high school with them. Something seemed meant to be. And this song, "Pretty Pet" is the pivitol moment of their incredible live show. Lyrically I love the song, but you have to see this live. It. is. intense.

  • The Cribs - Mirror Kisses
    How do you make screaming and yelling melodic? Just ask The Cribs. While not exactly punk, it's the closest thing an indie rock fan can handle with a new band from the UK. This song could easily be a trainwreck. It starts off fine, strumming an electric guitar the adding in the drums. Then they yell. Ok. Then they sing a nice little verse/chorus/verse that doesn't exactly match the beginning. Then they have this trippy circus like bridge that sorta comes out of nowhere. How do they pull it off? I have no idea. But they do. And I can't get enough of them.

  • Spinto Band - Oh Mandy
    Do I lose credibility for featuring a song that was in a Sears commercial? Am I just a sheep because this song was all over the blogosphere? Fuck it. I could care less. This song is quirky and catchy and deserves to be played, whether its on my iPod or on TV. This is the new face of indie rock, ladies and gentlemen, so deal with it. Unfortunately it didn't translate as well live as I had hoped it would have, but I'm okay with it. I still like to escape into Spinto dream world with this one almost daily. I'd stay there forever, if I could. Oh, Spinto Band. You rock.

  • We Are Scientists - Lousy Reputation
    I thought I'd go against the grain and not choose the "typical" WAS track that everyone else have been loving. Of course I love them too, but for some reason I kept finding myself going back to this track. It has to be the chorus. I think its the rising chords and intensity of the vocals. It's one of those hit or miss actions that a band can do with a song. It could either work or not. But I think this does. Live, the intensity was that much stronger. Ok, so this album doesn't come out this next year, but I got my little grubby hands on it early. And the whole thing is fantastic, but this song caught me by surprise. These guys are just bound to blow up.

  • Levy - Rotten Love
    Levy has definitely had an interesting past few months, blowing up on the blogosphere and releasing an interesting sextape/music video. I don't listen to any of the arguments, I just have to listen to this song and I know that I love this band. It's sweet and romantic, with an edge that translates better on stage through lead singer James Levy's getup. This song just reeks of nostalgia, but thankfully not of the 80's kind. Who knew that lyrics consisting of "She Smells Like Rotten Love" would make me swoon. But I did, and still am, and I'm still looking for a poodle skirt to wear while dancing around to this.

  • Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
    What happened to Franz Ferdinand? I felt like their second album came and went, without a peep from this side of the ocean. Hm. I have it, I like it. I didn't LOVE the first one, and I don't LOVE the second one. But Franz isn't about albums, it's all about the songs. And this one is a rare gem. Whenever, wherever I am and I am feeling down or lethargic, all I have to do is put on this song and I am disco queen on a dancefloor. It makes for interesting subway rides, let me tell you. The Kings of Catch have blessed us with another hit song, I'm clueless to why it's not a hit. I think it's much stronger than "Take Me Out." But what do I know.

  • Stellastarr* - Lost In Time
    New York is a tough place to break through, but Stellastarr* did it with their first album. Then you have the awful task of trying to live up to the hype that was placed on you without your approval. The sophomore slump, as we in the biz call it (I'm not really in the biz). So Stellatarr* came out, and although the reviews were tepid, I approved. This song was immediately my favorite. I felt that it should have been in a John Hughes movie, because it just screams Brat Pack. It's cheesy in its greatness, and I love, love, love, wailing along with this. It breaks your heart in all the right spots.

  • Something for Rockets - Look Around
    This is a brand spanking new track that I only discovered a matter of weeks ago. Then I got sent the album and I'm infatuated with this band. They aren't anything completely different, it’s almost a combination of what I love from each of these songs above, yet in one band. They've got the moody indie rock with a splash of electronica, and even in a couple tracks they have some jazz aspects and clasical roots. It's honestly remarkable. This track is the signature tune for me. I can't get enough of it. I'm begging this LA band to come to New York so I can see how it translates on stage. I predict big things.

  • The Subways - I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say
    If you are a reader of this blog, I'm sure you are as shocked that I included The Subways as much as Tom Vek. Needless to say, this week was all about The Subways, but that doesn't mean I wasn't rocking out to them for the second half of 2005. I've said it before, but this song is what I would want to sing if I had the chance to be in a rock band (and could carry a tune). The album is hard hitting, but it also has some slowed down tunes that illustrate what this young band is capable of. This song implements both of that. Billy and Charlotte trade back vocals with intensity and sexiness. You feel their connection between eachother and you feel the connection with you as a listener. Dammit, I just love it.

  • The Diggs - It's Just Like You Say
    The Diggs are probably my favorite local discovery of the year. They sort of just came out of nowhere, but have taken the city by storm. All of their songs start out as simple melodies, but by end they have transformed into complex musical explosions. "It's Just Like You Say" is just one of the many favorites on their debut album, but The Diggs really hit it when they build and build upon a single line in one song. "Trouble Everyday" does that as well, but in a slower pace. But I could only pick one, and this one you can dance to as well, so c'est la vie.

  • The Knife - Heartbeats
    This is the only track on here that I know nothing about the band. Doesn't make a difference. This song is incredible. The shriek like vocals are mixed with an electronic beat that brings you back to a different time period but keeps you moving into today's innovative creative artists. Listen once and you'll know exactly what I mean.

  • The Upwelling - Annie On The Rooftop
    Oh, The Upwelling. What a journey thet have brought me through. This track is a far from the original EP that I heard over a year ago. I had a fear from the beginning that their material was going to be lost on a large crowd. While they translate their original songs incredibly live, it's hard for new listeners to latch on. They needed something immediately memorable, and they got it with this one. Every person that comes to a show with me always remembers "Annie On the Rooftop." Perhaps it's because its the most upbeat track. Perhaps it's because of Ari's sexualy driven "oh's." Whatever it is, I liked the risk they took. It obviously has worked out for the best.

  • JAYMAY - The Only One I Love
    I could only wish I could have a voice like this. But it's one of those natural things that are only given to the far and few, and at least I can be happy I get to hear her beautiful voice whenever I please. This song illustrates the subtlety of letting your voice carry a song. It's ever-so-sweet but ever so sad. I put this song on every night as I am getting ready to call it a night. It calms me down from the daily madness and makes me remember why music exists. It can honestly transform your metal wellbeing.

  • The Hard Tomorrows - Put Yourself Out
    Remember when I posted about these guys way back when? You didn't forget about them, did you? Good. Because get ready for a new album next year, that I can only imagine will be as impressive as their 5 Song EP they sent me. These DC natives are creating some clever stuff down there, so take listen. What I really love about this song is the story they tell through the lyrics. Sure, it's been done before, writing about listening to music. But these guys do it in a way that I sit here, while listening, and I can see myself there. You can dissapear with music, and you can dissapear with the Hard Tomorrows. Just remember to come back and tell me how much you love them.

  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Gimme Some Salt
    Not everyone agrees on this band. You've got lovers and haters. I happen to love the band, and loved the album. But this song really made me realize this band is more than just the hype surrounding them. Alec's voice is at the perfect level of laziness that matches with the building guitar lines underneath him. Everyone wants CYHSYto be revolutionary. They probably won't be. But with songs like "Gimme Some Salt" I can see that they are at least trying to go against the grain and really push themselves as song writers and musicians. Other's don't agree. I guess that is just what you get with this band.

  • Bloc Party - Banquet
    This list wouldn't be the same without this song, and this year would not have been the same without Bloc Party. What a curve ball, huh? Everything about this band is something completely different, from the music, to the lyrics, and right down to the musicians themselves. Thank god for that, I was starting to get worried that music had reached some sort of rut. Nope. Bloc Party arrived, and they created this dance-crazed, indie-rock loving, sing it at the top of your lungs tune, better known as "Banquet." This song let me know it's okay to dance again. And unfortunately for everyone else, I haven't stopped since.

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