Friday, December 16, 2005

Minimum Safe Distance

We're running a little behind schedule today due to a pounding headache and the disappointment in that the MTA chickened out and did not strike. Sure it would have caused a lot of problems in Manhattan and the surrounding entities, but it would have meant I could have worked from home today and not have to leave my apartment. And after a Tinselfrenzy, it's just what I need.

Beat Radio @ RothkoI started out at Schillers for dinner with Liz and Blaire and a carafe of wine. We made it over to Rothko just as Morning Theft was finishing their set. I keep meaning to see these guys. Next time, I guess. The regular slew of people was in Rothko and I exposed my friend Blaire to my lifestyle. She wasn't too impressed, and I don't really blame her. Cranberry and vodka after cranberry and vodka, Beat Radio took the stage. It's been a good amount of time since I last saw this band, but they were was good as I remembered them. They unfortunately were without drummer, but I enjoyed it regardless. They started off with "Ancient" (still love it) and ended with a new ditty. Twas a short set, but a good one at that.

The Changes @ RothkoChi-town natives,The Changes, were up next and I was tipsy enough to sing and dance from the back of the room. After seeing these guys at Pianos during CMJ and thoroughly enjoying their EP, the expectations were at an all-time high. The guys couldn't be nicer, either. The set was impressive, with favorites "When I Wake" and "Not Too Serious" but seemed to be lacking the electricity I recalled. But that's ok, because they are playing tonight at Tonic and tomorrow night at Mercury and I think they'll get that back for the remaining shows. But when I say they weren't at their best, it's because they are that good. It's still a trip to watch lead singer Darren. He puts a smile on everyone's face.

The Diggs @ Rothko

When I say I love a band, it's not an exaggeration by any means. I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to music, and dammit I play favorites. I loved The Diggs the first time I saw them. I've been listening to Commute endlessly since I got it last month, but somehow forgot how ridiculous (in the best sense of the world) their live show is. There isn't another band that I am wide-eyed watching (while singing along at the top of my lungs). They opened with "Massachusetts" (my favorite track from the new album) and ended with "Trouble Everyday" into a Stone Roses cover of "Waterfall". Need I say more?

I can't even begin to explain to you how good this band is, you just have to see them. Do me a favor, will you? Buy their album. Go see them January 13 at NorthSix. Then you can join me by professing your love to the band after the show. It's now part of my routine after I see them play.

The rest of the night was a drunken mess, as Georgia and I stayed at Rothko too long and had the most zen-like conversation of what determines happiness. I didn't realize it last night but music makes me happy. So get ready for the Best of The Rest (Part II) a little later today.

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