Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Anyone Home

The Subways @ Camden Barfly

That was the scene last time I saw The Subways. It was nuts. The kids in London went crazy, I found myself pinned up to the wall avoiding being hit in the face or burned by a cigarette. Hands down, the best show I've ever been to.

So tonight that crazy threesome will play New York City for the first time. I've been waiting, counting down the days even. My only regret is that I wish Katie was here to see it. We both were blown away this summer, I'm intrigued to see how New Yorkers respond. Yes, I will be going to both shows -- tonight at Rothko and tomorrow at North Six. One night just wouldn't be enough.

Tonight The Subways are joined by two other fabulous bands. You may have heard of one of them from the cover of Underrated Magazine. That's right, The Five O'Clock Heroes have returned home. Can't wait to see what an NME tour has done to them.

Watch their new video for their single "White Girls" here.

Also playing tonight is No Yeti approved The Picture. I'm excited to finally see these guys live, the two tracks I got from Nora way back when have become playlist staples. They've just come out with their full-length debut, which Jerry hasn't shut up about either. I hope to pick up a copy tonight.

All in all, a solid lineup.

  • The Subways - Staring At The Sun (TV On The Radio cover)
  • The Subways - Somewhere + Encore at 1am
  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Stay The Night
  • The Five O'Clock Heroes - Anyone Home
  • The Picture - Blind Side
  • The Picture - Sellout


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